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Subject: lender information

Hello to all,

Our next CASBA meeting is Sept. 25-27 in Angels Camp California. For those
that might be interested in attending I will post more information and
registration form. We are having a day of roundtable discussions and one
of them is
titled Permits/Insurance/Lenders. Most of our group is familiar with the
questions/answers associated with building departments and obtaining a
permit, however we do not have as much information on insurance and of most
concern recently, lenders. I have seen some posts concerning these issues
and I wanted to ask for any information people might have gathered to date,
i.e. problems, solutions, questions, answers, names, etc.

Thanks so much,

CASBA Co-director '98

*change of address and phone # below
Pam Wadsworth Goode
3750 20th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


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