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-> Re: SB codes?
by "Pamela Wadsworth Goode" <wadsgood@...>
-> Re: Re: SB codes?
by "Pamela Wadsworth Goode" <wadsgood@...>
-> Re: SB codes?
by David Bainbridge <bainbrid@...>


Date: 3 Aug 1998 12:13:06 -0500
From: "Pamela Wadsworth Goode" <wadsgood@...>
Subject: Re: SB codes?

From: Pamela Wadsworth Goode <wadsgood@...>

> from MJ Epko on sb codes
> > California AB1314
> AB1314 was the Assembly Bill number before it was voted by the
> Now it is part of the California Health and Safety Code called H&S 18944

Correct now it is part of the Health and Safety Code section 18944.

- -Pam


Date: 3 Aug 1998 12:13:15 -0500
From: "Pamela Wadsworth Goode" <wadsgood@...>
Subject: Re: Re: SB codes?

> You're right about that and someone had corrected me on that quite a
> back. So I've not been referring to the California guidelines as AB1314
> quite a while now, but I can never remember Calif. Health and Safety
> I would love to know which counties, (no cities?) so if it's possible,
> you post that to this list?

The counties that I know of that have adopted H&S 18944 are El Dorado,
Glenn, Mono, Nevada, Placer, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Siskiyou and
Yuba. As I stated earlier this list is based on a phone survey in Dec.
1997. I did not call cities. I had my hands full with counties. There
are still of few counties that have not been reached. Check our web site
for the colorful map David mentioned. I hope to
continue this survey when I have a chance...swamped with co-director
duties at the moment.



Date: 3 Aug 1998 16:40:38 -0500
From: David Bainbridge <bainbrid@...>
Subject: Re: SB codes?

Code adoption: remember that no sb code is really needed, and many
buildings are approved in areas that have not adopted any specific sb
code.I believe both Imperial and San Diego counties have approved sb
buildings but I don't think either one has a sb code yet. They usually
refer to the exisitng ones for guidance tho.



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