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Just thought I'd throw in a couple of additional Nevada comments.
Christy Tews if she's still reachable through her contact info in the
Human Resources list of TLS, is very knowledgeable about Nevada sb
activities, especially in the Reno/Carson City area. There has been
quite a bit of activity in Pahrump, which I think is in Nye County, and I
know that permits have been issued and bale buildings built in Minden,
and I'm pretty sure in Washoe County. There is a nice little compound of
sb structures comprising a house in aggregate outside Las Vegas, owned by
the Blessley family. I am in e-mail contact with their daughter so if
you want or need info on their place, let me know. Actually it might be
a nice place to do a TLS article on sometime...

David Eisenberg

>Here's the skinny....
>Each county or city in Nevada... administers the UBC (and other) codes as
>it sees fit. Each municipality may also add their own provisions... which
>most do. So it's the cities and counties that issue permits and inspect
>within their geographical boundaries. I have visited with all the bldg.
>dept.s in Clark County (southern Nevada...including Las Vegas etc...) in
>the past few days to get an update on their SB code approach. Here's the
>Readers Digest version. No code provisions have been added for SB in the
>City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, City of Henderson, Boulder City
>or Clark County! When questioned... they all simply said... submit your
>plan complete with your structural engineering and we will take each on a
>case-by-case basis. As of today... none of the jurisdictions EXCEPT Clark
>County... had even seen a strawbale project much less had one submitted to
>them for plan review prior to construction. Clark County says they have
>issued 2 SB permits and don't know of any more pending. Because of this
>low interest level and lack of project submissions... they have elected to
>not enact any SB codes for now. They all expressed interest in examining
>adopted provisions by other muni's which I will forward to them for future
>reference. As I mentioned in an earlier post... the legislature of Nevada
>passed AB171 which opened the door for SB in Nevada and made it law in the
>Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 278.580, para. #4. It is simply a
>"notification" to the political subdivisions, that SB is a desirable
>building technology and encourages it's promulgation. It does not "force"
>any action is only informational in approach. This can be
>viewed on the web @ look in the
>"Revised Statutes" section and scan down to Chapter 278.580 and read
>paragraph #4. It's about 3/4 of the way down a verrrrrryyyyyy long page.
>If you want the names and phone#'s of bldg. dept. contacts... let me know.
>I can't speak for the other counties of Nevada... I know some (many?) of
>them do not have building departments... Nye county right next door to
>us... is a good example. You can build what you want.... No permits
>required. If you want info about the Carson City/Reno/Tahoe area... you'll
>have to contact the City or County directly for an update (or find a
>friendly!). I'm pooped!!! It's over 110 today and I need to sit down.


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