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Date: 17 Sep 1998 11:23:24 -0500
From: LivingStr@...
Subject: Re: EQ #2 - Thumbs Up

Is EQ#2 a magazine? Is it on news stands?
Danny Buck


Date: 17 Sep 1998 11:47:44 -0500
From: Athena &Bill Steen <absteen@...>
Subject: Re: code enforcement


How goes it? Give me a call when you have a chance.

Athena and Bill Steen
The Canelo Project
HC1 Box 324
Canelo/Elgin, AZ 85611
(520)455-9360 FAX


Date: 17 Sep 1998 12:52:42 -0500
From: M J Epko <duckchow@...>
Subject: Re: EQ #2 - Thumbs Up

At 12:12 PM 9/17/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Is EQ#2 a magazine? Is it on news stands?
>Danny Buck

My apologies for being unclear. EQ is Earth Quarterly, a startup magazine
by the people who used to publish Dry Country News. They're the publication
that I took so much exception to for printing inaccurate material about SB,
and promoting what I considered to be (and which in fact turned out to be)
a dangerous fibrous cement technique. They've back-pedaled and soft-pedaled
on the Fibrous Cement thing in #2, without giving up entirely on the idea
(which is a good thing, since FC does have merit if made and used
appropriately). (For Judy & Matts, and anybody else who doesn't do the
internet, the photos I posted of FC buildings were photos I took on the
14th... there isn't a single FC dome in City Of The Sun which hasn't either
collapsed or isn't getting close to it.)

It's not on newsstands that I know of, though I've heard from people who
picked them up in laundromats, etc.

From their website at

Subscription prices are as follows:
U.S. $20 per year
Canada/Mexico $23
All other $26

Sorry, we aren't set up to handle credit cards. To subscribe, please send a
check or money order to:
Earth Quarterly
Box 23-J
Radium Springs, NM 88054

Sample copies of Issue 1 are available for $3 + $1 s/h. Sample copies of
Issue 2 are $5 + $1 s/h.

Freewheeling autonomous speculation - Think!
Personality #7 represents only itself.
M J Epko - duckchow@...
Kingston, New Mexico
Most people are about as happy as
they make up their minds to be.
- Abraham Lincoln


Date: 17 Sep 1998 12:58:30 -0500
From: LivingStr@...
Subject: Pinnig bales

Dear David Eisenberg (in paticular);

Thank you for the quick response on the topic of pinning bales. There is a
local structural engineer already involved, who met with with some of the
building officials here along with Ted. That meeting has allowed work to
proceed on the rest of Ted's project while the straw issue gets resolved. The
engineer is Michael Levine and his phone number is 505-989-1770. A talk with
him would probably give you a feeling for how you might offer some direct
support, either with a letter, a referenced building official or otherwise.
There has been talk of SBCA offering some of our testing funds if we come up
with a test that would be relevant and of value.




Date: 17 Sep 1998 15:33:05 -0500
From: (email address removed)(matts a myhrman)
Subject: Re: code enforcement


Matts and I discussed your e-mail at some length, noting our thoughts to
send on to you. Then David's response arrived which covered our
responses completely (and then more, of course). So, we must say we are
in complete agreement with everything David said, and would only
emphasize several points:

"Code enforcement" for innovative and dynamic (always changing) building
methods is an ongoing process of building trusting, respectful,
cooperative relationships with code officials. That doesn't mean we
won't have conflicts, run into those prone to rigid gatekeeping, be
tempted into adversarial roles and have our methods questioned and/or
downright rejected. This is minimized, however, when code officials
participate in the dialogue right from the beginning (as Danny so rightly
suggests), and we take responsibility for encouraging them to remain
fully involved: we keep them updated, we stay in touch with what is
concerning them, we don't pull any surprises, and we act in a supportive
and cooperative enough manner that, over time, they come to respect us
and view us a bit more as contributors and colleagues. Then if a problem
of intransigence or unfairness occurs, it has a much better chance of
being isolated, each side listened to and resolve.

The challenge of code officials accepting changes and modifications of
the existing code, based on practical experience and observation, might -
particularly in the short term- be solved by finding money for more
testing. But the challenge won't go away regardless of the particular
change being examined at the it seems wise to also sit down
with the leaders in our local code enforcement jurisdication and work out
a process with them for how to best to work with each other.

We do think this effort might be enhanced by a national network - maybe
through regional groups - lead principally by those profiting financially
by designing and building straw-bale houses. We also think, more
particularly after our trip to Europe, that our international community
has alot to contribute and gain from involvement, so maybe it should
rather be a subworking group of the GSBN.

We strongly reinforce David's comments about the need to resolve the
inadequate participation of those members of the straw-bale community who
have benefited professionally and financially from the work that has gone
before. How might we inspire full membership in the straw-bale commons?

We'll forego our many other thoughts on the subject for now...and thank
you, Danny, for your continued high level of involvement and insight into
the issues affecting the straw-bale community; and to publicly bow to
David for his years of championship
in this arena for the benefit of the commons and the planet. There are
many other givers out there who have our appreciation, also.


Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman

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Date: 17 Sep 1998 19:20:57 -0500
From: Huff and Puff Constructions <huffnpuff@...>
Subject: Re: S.B. Noise Reduction Help Wanted

G'Day Strawbalers

I have the need for some decibel ratings for straw bale walls. Susan and
I applied to our new Council for approval to build The Straw Panel
Factory/College in Ganmain. We are proposing to build The Ceddars or
The College of Development Design And Research in Sustainability. We
received three objections from our new neighbours and the EPA want some
proof of noise reduction.

The College will be in the middle of a small village with houses on two
sides. I have replied by stating that 3 foot thick walls, we are
building with jumbo bales 8' x 3' x 3', will stop any sound. I will
challenge the "locals" to run a couple of chain saws inside the building
when complete. If the noise level is audible inside the neighbours'
houses then I ain't the straw wolf. The College will have a reciprocal
recycled steel roof. The walls will be 4.8 meters high (16'), it is a
round building 15 metres in diameter.

RED TAPE AGAIN, mulching is too good for some! Anyway I will search the
archives for sound proof topics, but we did build a straw bale sound
recording studio in Sydney and they use the three SB rooms for rock band
practice and recording. NO COMPLAINTS from the neighbours, and it also
saved them a motza on conventional sound proofing materials.

The GOOD NEWS no other objections to building a load bearing straw bale
factory and other straw bale buildings on our block. Can't wait to get
started but as with all builders we have to earn a living building straw
houses for our clients but we will make a start next month once we have
overcome the noise objections; but Bill Mollison and Permaculture have
taught me to think in a lateral direction and why not a factory/college
in the middle of houses, if they look good and serve a purpose, no
driving to work you know the rest!

Thanks for any info received.

Regards John Glassford


Date: 17 Sep 1998 19:47:06 -0500
From: Huff and Puff Constructions <huffnpuff@...>
Subject: Re: The Ceddars Correction

I must get these things right.

The Ceddars (Tuna Australis endangered species of tree in Australia,
Australian Red Cedar was plundered in the 1800s for it's beautiful
timber.) stands for:

The College of Environmental Design Development And Research into

Regards John Glassford


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