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-> Re: Re: new government housing program
by the black range <blackrange@...>
-> Re: The Straw Bale Solution Video
by Huff and Puff Constructions <huffnpuff@...>
-> The Last Straw
by M J Epko <duckchow@...>
-> Re: Reciprocal Roof Web Page
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Date: 22 Sep 1998 10:50:45 -0500
From: the black range <blackrange@...>
Subject: Re: Re: new government housing program

Dear David, and all GSBNers,

Good work in making these personal contacts- they are of course extremely
valuable if there is ever to be a general governmental acceptance of
"alternative" building.

If you didn't give Deane a copy of "The Straw Bale Solution" video, please
include one in your next correspondence to him. As I've told you, we are
eager to donate copies of the video proactively -- and next to your
personal eloquence, this new video may make the best case for straw-bale as
affordable and environmental housing. So don't hesitate in donating
copies, email me a list of who, and I will replace them.

This goes for all GSBNers: If you are involved in proactive SB work and
would like copies of my new video to share with important potential
advocates, let me know-- I am willing to donate copies for such purposes
(maybe you can pay the postage, especially in the case of the Europeans--
or wait until the Intl. SB Conference in March where I can offer them

keep up the good work, all!
Catherine Wanek

At 10:26 PM 9/20/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi all
>Here's a summary of the conversation I had with Deane Evans related to the
>PATH initiative. Deane gave a presentation on PATH as part of the program on
>Friday morning and I also had about ten minutes to talk with him


Date: 22 Sep 1998 16:49:41 -0500
From: Huff and Puff Constructions <huffnpuff@...>
Subject: Re: The Straw Bale Solution Video

Dear Catherine

I would love a copy of your video and I am prepared tp pay for it as
well as postage, do you have the video recorded in PAL and not NTSC? If
it is in NTSC I can have it converted here in Australia. PLease let me
know how much and I will send you the dollars.

Susan and I WILL be with you in March I promise, even if we have to
build a straw bale boat and sail over the Pacific I wonder.......

Regards John Glassford


Date: 22 Sep 1998 17:39:01 -0500
From: M J Epko <duckchow@...>
Subject: The Last Straw

Hey all -

I'm trolling for some brief updates of projects to run in the next issue.
I understand there was a fun-and-successful wall-raising or two in Europe
recently. (Hint.) These are short updates, preferably with a photo or two
(it's always nice to have a person or people in the photo as well, since
that's such an important part of SB), describing the structure and most
particularly any unusual features or aspects of it. If we can receive these
in the next couple weeks, that would be great. Text via email is fine, and
scanned pictures in .tif format, 300dpi, about 3 inches on the long
measurement, sent as attachments is just fine. Otherwise, sent by post to
the address below is equally fine. Any photos will be returned.

We also hope to receive an update from Kelley about Mongolia/China,
touching on the carbon credits.

Martin, when the moisture situation unfolds and hopefully resolves
pleasantly on the "Butterfly" house, I hope you'll share the details with
TLS in an article, including your thoughts on the physics of how the
moisture got to mid-bale. It's my understanding that wind-driven rain
penetrates only to a small depth before beginning to drain via gravity. As
far as driving moisture out from mid-bales, the only situation I've had any
association with of a similar nature was the Corbin/Geisen house in
Minnesota. That story, and how they dealt with it (successfully) is in the
recent Moisture issue of TLS (it involved removing some sections of wall.)
If you don't have that one, please let me know and I'll see that you get a
copy. I'm leaving tomorrow for about three weeks, but I'll forewarn Satomi
that you might be responding to (email address removed)to request a copy.

As I continue to organize before my trip, I'll post another time or two in
regard to the upcoming issue of the journal.

Mark Piepkorn, Editor

mail The Last Straw:
The Journal of Straw Bale Construction
HC 66, Box 119
Hillsboro, NM 88042 USA
phone (505) 895-5400
fax (505) 895-3326
email thelaststraw@...
URL http://www.strawhomes.com


Date: 22 Sep 1998 20:06:13 -0500
From: Huff and Puff Constructions <huffnpuff@...>
Subject: Re: Reciprocal Roof Web Page

To all of you who have tried to down load my web site on the Reciprocal
Roof my Apologies, the site is now fixed with the same photos at amuch
lower resolution, loads real fast now but the quality depreciates. Try
this web page:


Let me know if you have any further problems, but the pictures from
Graham Brown are worth the wait.

Regards John Glassford


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