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-> The Last Straw, part two
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Date: 23 Sep 1998 12:18:23 -0500
From: M J Epko <duckchow@...>
Subject: The Last Straw, part two

There's been talk from time to time about a certification program for SB
builders, and it was suggested recently (by David Eisenberg, I think, or
maybe it was Matts and/or Judy) that it's probably a better idea to certify
the people hiring the builder - that is, certify the clients.

TLS ran a series of questions some time ago that people should ask
potential builders. Perhaps it's time to revise that, expand on it. I'm
leaving as soon as I finish off my last-minute emails, and don't feel like
I have the time to find and transcribe that series of questions - and
perhaps it's better if we start fresh, and then compare it to the old one.

Anyone have ideas?


We'd also like to run a questionnaire about tests, to compile as many as
we can find. There's always something new popping up with interesting and
useful findings, whether performed in a laboratory or a backyard. Some
preliminary items to ask about might be:

- - who sponsored the test? (building agency, gov't, private party,
- - was is performed in a lab, if so to what standards; or a non-scientific
- - is there a paper available?
- - what should be done differently in the event the test is repeated?
- - what surprising and unexpected associated findings were there?

Other ideas?


What tests does SB need to have done - a testing "wish list." In that
regard, is it time to resurrect BRAN (Bale Research Advisory Network)?
Thoughts, please, any and all.


Please direct any time-sensitive private responses to
(email address removed)as I'll be gone for a couple weeks. I'll try to
check my own email from the road for any general private responses.

Mark Piepkorn, Editor

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