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-> Re: FTP servers and such...
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-> SB Research Needs
by Joyce Coppinger <jc10508@...>
-> SB Research Needs
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Date: 25 Sep 1998 00:01:38 -0500
From: Joyce Coppinger <jc10508@...>
Subject: Re: FTP servers and such...

Bill, That's simple! Thanks! Joyce

Bill Christensen wrote:
> Joyce Coppinger <jc10508@...> writes:
> >Bill, Sorry, I'm not versed in FTP servers and such...How do I get these
> >documents to you to share with GSBN?
> If they're small enough to paste into email, I'd just do that.
> It's just attachments get stopped.
> If they *have* to be sent as attachments, then just tell people that you
> them and anyone who's interested can ask you to email them directly. That
> those who aren't interested don't have to spend time downloading it.
> BC
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Date: 25 Sep 1998 00:01:49 -0500
From: Joyce Coppinger <jc10508@...>
Subject: SB Research Needs

MJ, GSBN, and others,
This is the research list I tried to attach.
A while back I gathered this list together from various reading sources
and conversations regarding research needed for straw bale construction
techniques, materials, etc. I've been trying to gather together
informaton on selected topics, as listed. I assume others have been
doing the same.

The other was a message from John Salmen which should be accessible from
the archives...Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 14:30:11 -0800
From: John Salmen <terrain@...>
Subject: Re: What needs to be done?

Hope this helps!

Joyce Coppinger
Re:Build Associates
and The Straw Bale Association of Nebraska


compression and precompression

agricultural products which can be baled - wheat straw, rye straw, oat
straw, corn stover, reeds, grasses, barley straw, meadow hay, Johnson
grass, tumbleweeds, bean vine bales

use of newspapers and magazines in baled construction

snow loads, tornadic winds

buildable bale, baler supply network, baling equipment

fire retardants

moisture content, moisture prevention techniques, humidity

air exchange through walls, breathable walls

bees, fleas, termites, varmints - techniques to prevent

allergic reactions, prevention methods

cob, Faswal,

stucco and plasters, natural or with polymers, applications and

roof plate

tie downs


design strategies for straw bale in-fill material in combination with
structural framework of different types - wood, metal, concrete

loadbearing design and structural possibilities based on characteristics
of bales

foundations and basements

door and window bucks, structural

bale roof structures, advantages/disadvantages of different types of

floors, radiant heating

stucco netting - use or not


Date: 25 Sep 1998 17:28:34 -0500
From: "Rene Dalmeijer" <rened@...>
Subject: SB Research Needs

I would like to add the following topics to Joyce Coppingers extensive list;

moisture retardents on exterior and interior stucco

strategies to deal with very wet and mild climates

sound insulation field measurements

thermal insulation field measurements related to rho and RH values possibly
also incorporating other factors

Rene Dalmeijer


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