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-> Students Need Help
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Date: 28 Sep 1998 17:03:48 -0500
From: Chris Stafford <stafford@...>
Subject: Students Need Help

Chris Stafford here,

Students in Indiana need straw bale expertise help. I received this
inquiry for Earlham College students, Richmond, Indiana, USA, but will
not be available to work with them in May next year. Elspeth Gilmore
gave me permission to ask around to see if there are others that could
help them. If so, please contact Elspeth directly.

Thanks and best regards,


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Subject: strawbale project!!

Dear Chris Stafford,

My name is Elspeth Gilmore and I am a student at Earlham College in
Richmond, Indiana. Myself and a number of other students are trying to

organize the construction of a strawbale house on campus this coming
May. We are currently looking for someone to lead this month long
project on strawbale construction and simple living, and were wondering

if you are intersted or know of anyone who might be. I have included
below a overview of what we have been thinking and planning, which I
hope will be helpful to you.

Earlham College Strawbale Project - May 1999

- -We are a group of students from Earlham College, which is located in
Richmond, Indiana (30 minutes west of Dayton,Ohio).

- -Our goal is to design and build a simple stawbale structure at Miller
Farm (the campus farm at which 10 students live and care for a few
animals,a garden, compost...)

- -Our time frame is the month of May, 1999. It is an optional academic
term at Earlham called "Mayterm", strangely enough.

- -The stawbale structure would be:
-Small. Big enough to sleep two students and contain a heating
system (to be decided)
-Simple. One room with no facilities (except heat) water,
toilet, etc.

- -We are looking for a person(s) to lead this month long project:
-To help us do the preliminary work, of planning, designing,
estimating costs, advising purchasing of materials etc.
-To be more than a builder, and share our vision of a study in
simple and community living, moving towards a sustainable lifestyle.
Ideally we are looking for someone who has chosen to live in a more
ecological, sustainabe,and conscientious manner, and is able to share
their experineces and knowledge with us.

- -The financial situation is this: We are planning to offer a stipend
and pay for materials. We will hopefully be living simply (outside) and

eating simply, and the students (us) will split those costs.

Some questions we have:
-We need an estimate on how much the materials will cost, and how
much of a stipend would be requested (so that we can tell the college
how much money we need)
-We have not yet been given the okay by the Earlham housing
department for students to live in a strawbale structure. How would you

go about proving the safety, sanitary nature, etc of strawbale to
concerned housing people?
-We are still unsure about building codes. Are there likely to be
problems getting a permit to build, and if so, how do we go about it?
-How much would we have to do before May to prepare?

I hope this gives you a good idea of what we have been thinking, the
situation we are dealing with, and the kind of leader(s) we want.
Please contact me anytime (see info at the bottom of the page), I look
forward to hearing from you.

elspeth gimore Elspeth Gilmore
(email address removed)

(765)973-2982 (miller farm)
Earlham College

Drawer 773
Richmond, Indiana

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