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How'd this go? Wish I could've been there.


ADPSR Building Ecology Forum presents:

Kelly Lerner


Wednesday, Sept 9

Over the past 4 years, straw-bale construction has made its way across the
Pacific to the cold steppes of Mongolia and now to China. Especially well
suited to areas with cold temperatures, high seismic risks and a ready
supply of straw, this sustainable wall system is making a great impact.
The United Nations Development Programme is investing over $2 million to
build rural straw-bale health clinics and schools in Mongolia and even
larger funding for straw-bale housing is in the works.

Kelly Lerner, Bay Area Designer and Co-director of the California Straw
Building Association, spent 7 months out of the last year in Mongolia
designing, building and teaching about straw-bale construction. Travel
with her through this magical country eating boiled mutton and drinking
fermented mare's milk in nomadic gers while building with hand tools and
loose bales.

In the last two months, Mongolian straw has gone over the great wall into
China. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake in January of this year presented an
opportunity to introduce straw-bale construction to Zhang Bei County, 5
hours northeast of Beijing. Kelly traveled to the area in July to study
feasibility, research building materials, manufacture the first bales in
China (with a human powered bale press) and design a school.

With such high seismic risks, straw-bale presents safer alternative to
unreinforced brick masonry construction. Structural Engineer, David Mar,
designed a simple earthquake bracing system using the energy absorbing
qualities of the bales themselves. Hear about this new system and see
working drawings from the first straw-bale building in China, currently
under construction.

Lecture and slide show will take place at the PG&E Energy Center,
851 Howard Street, San Francisco (Two blocks south of Powell Street BART)
6:00 pm reception, 6:30 lecture
$3-7 suggested donation

Call 510-273-2428 to confirm event dates and topics.

Co-sponsored by East Bay AIA COTE, Urban Ecology, and the Ecological Design

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