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John and Jill,
Judy Knox here in Tucson with some rambling speculations about them
there evil weevils...
There have been several instances of some kind of bug infestation in bale
walls beginning a year or so after the walls go up..
Mom's Place had an infestation of very small bugs beginning about a year
after construction....they appeared as the hot weather reappeared and
lasted for several months during the summer.. for two years. We think
they were seeking shelter from the heat, and found ingress and egress
through an ever-so slight separation between the windows and the bale
walls on the interior, and had maybe been in the straw when we built.
Very careful grouting to totally seal the window openings on the interior
seemed to solve the we've not had a problem since.
Twila Ard in Pensacola, Florida had an infestation of small insects (not
weevils...but mites as I remember)one year after building. They had
actually infested the straw before it went into the walls, and then
re-emerged before the completion of stuccoing. She also had grain heads
left on some of her straw. The problem lasted less than a year and then
they disappeared (food all gone?)...they stuccoed very carefully to seal
and have never had another problem.
Our historic research years ago turned up two historic sb homes with flea
or mite problems soon after building. In both cases, they disappeared
after a year or so...the people interviewed also believed they had run
out of left over grain heads in the straw, and also talked about sealing
any spaces between door and window openings, and at the top and bottom of
the walls.
Hope this might help...or at least give you some hope, Jill, that with a
persistent sense of humor and a little time the problem will go
away...without any nasty chemicals.. We'd sure be interested in getting
an update down the road a bit.

Greetings form the Sonoran Desert!
Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman
On Thu, 22 Oct 1998 12:22:03 +1100 Huff and Puff Constructions
<huffnpuff@...> writes:
>G'Day Straw People
>I have been speaking to a Lady in Queensland, named Jill, who built
>large home bale-in-fill style from barley straw. The straw had some
>small broken grain left, some 900+ bales were used in the
>Some twelve months later on the weevils have shown their faces.
>little things), Jill states that she has to sweep them up every
> The pest control company identified them as grain weevils and they
>they could not get rid of them. Jill is living with them and has got
>used to them, her question to me was would they go away or would they
>continue to breed up to plague proportions?
>My question to the list is how did they get in there in the first
> I saw the bales that were used and there was no evidence twelve
>ago of any insects. The house is situated in a wheat belt of
>Queensland. Gets cold in Winter (some frosts) and hot hot in summer.
>Apart from the weevils Jill is very happy with her straw bale house,
>Jill also has a great sense of humour.
>My second question to the list is how to get rid of them weevils
>the use of chemicals which would be hard to apply as the cement render
>is on both sides of the walls and would be impossible to spray.
>The bales were not treated before building for anything as Jill did
>want any chemicals used in her house and still does not want to treat
>the walls with chemicals. What we need is a weevil trap!
>Thanks in advance
>Regards John Glassford

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