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Greetings All,

I sent this message out to the general straw-bale list yesterday, but though
you all should have a chance to reply as well. I'm leaning towards #1.
Simple and inexpensive - based on advice from Don Fulger, Robert Jolly and
Rob Tom. Any nay sayers?? Let me know.

On the home front, CASBA (California Straw Building Association) is finally
moving into moisture monitoring. We are trying to decide between:

1. Simple and inexpensive - wood moisture sensors (Habib John Gonzales type)
produced by Shawna Henderson, monitored with a wood moisture meter on a
weekly or monthly basis.


2. A more sophisticated and sensitive "splinter" type sensors with
continuous data logging.

I need technical expertise finding the components and estimating the costs
of the second option. Nuts and bolts information: which sensors, which
datalogger, what meter, what software, etc? Please email me directly.

In either case, we will monitor temperature as well and place the sensors in
several locations inside the wall - near the exterior stucco, in the center
of the bales and near the interior plaster; top, middle and bottom of wall.

Thanks in advance,

Kelly Lerner
Co-Director California Straw Building Association


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