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Strawbalers of the world -

Bruce King here.

Ann Edminster and I are organizing the upcoming conference, and here is all
the information. It will also be in the next The Last Straw.

We in California very much hope you can all come, as it should be very good.


The California Straw Building Association
invites you to the
Friday, March 5, to Sunday, March 7, 1999
at the Marin Headlands Hostel & Headlands Center for the Arts
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Straw builders, designers, growers, engineers, home-owners, architects, all
come hear about the latest developments worldwide. Teach us what you know.
Learn what others have learned. Meet valuable resource people. Help advance
the state of the art and build this growing community by sharing your
experience with other professionals, advocates, and enthusiasts.
The weekendis program will include presentations by straw-bale building
professionals, straw panel manufacturers, and others. There will be sessions
Codes and approvals
Financing and insurance
Hands-on beginners' workshop on Thursday, March 4 (optional*)
Tour of Northern California straw-bale buildings on Monday, March 8
Family activities

With the goal of making this event truly international, the fees have been
structured to ease the burden for those whose travel (and other) expenses are
high relative to their income (e.g., those who work outside the mainstream
economy or in developing countries). Please select your fee category with this
perspective in mind. We do not wish to be the judge of your financial need.

Fees for attendees from/with: BY January 15 LATE

Anywhere/money to spare > $200 > $250
(excess will be used for travel assistance fund and is tax-deductible)
California/low expenses $200 $250
Western US & Canada/moderate expenses $150 $200
Elsewhere in US & Canada/high expenses $120 $170
Outside US & Canada/very high expenses $60 $110

Please note that California residents must be CASBA members to attend. Add $50
(more if you can, less if you can't) unless your membership is current.
Fees are per-person (including family members!). They include two nights'
lodging at the Marin Headlands Hostel and all meals from Friday dinner through
Sunday lunch. By committing in advance, we were able to secure very low rates
for this event. Because of this, discounts are not available for those who
stay or eat elsewhere. However, a discount of $30 each is available to people
who will commit to helping with preparation and clean-up for two to three
meals during the course of the weekend.
*Additional (modest) fees will be charged for optional activities.

Plan to arrive by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 5. If flying into San Francisco or
Oakland, allow about 3 hours after your arrival to collect your baggage and
travel to Marin. If flying into San Jose, allow 4 hours.
The conference will end mid-afternoon on Sunday, March 7.
Please bring a photo and short biography of yourself to display.
Please bring a sleeping bag and towel. The hostel supplies linens and pillows.
Some home stays, as well as more extended tours, may be arranged for travelers
from afar who arrive before or stay after the conference. Please let us know
your plans well in advance so that we may accommodate you and ensure that you
see as much as possible!
I have materials I would like to exhibit on a ( table ( display board.
I would like to make a presentation approximately ___ minutes long. The
subject is:

I will need equipment (specify slide projector,VCR???):

I would like to stay in the home of a CASBA member (specify dates):

I can offer a home stay (specify dates):
I would like help with transportation on (date and time):
from (location):

My flight number and airline are:
I can help transport visitors to and from the conference.
I would like to help in the kitchen and receive a $30 discount



Phone / fax / e-mail:

( PLEASE REGISTER BY JANUARY 15! Space is limited.
We cannot guarantee lodging or meals to late registrants.

Make checks payable to
The Tides Center/CASBA.
Send registration to:
Cheryl Jacobs
595 Ninth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
For more information (map, directions, airport shuttle information, etc.),
please contact Cheryl Jacobs:


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