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HI Kelly

I haven't been able to post to this list for months, even though I am
receiving correspondence. I think that Mark may have remedied the
situation so will try again.

The events in Mongolia have been truely moving and the outcomes will be
significant for all of us. Having been through my own fire story this year
the subject is one that is very poignant personally.

It was interesting from our perspective in the Ship Harbour fire that the
bales did what they were
ment to do and slowed down everything so that the fire could be
handled. Also the aftermath was much less devastating as the smoke was not
laced with poisons from burnign chemicals, glues etc.

However the weak point in the floor equation, and this is similar to the
roof, is that the joists were what burned and would have undermined the
structure of the building.

there is a group called the Prairie Institute based in Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan who have built a number of SB buildings and are using straw
in the ceiling. I have only just been in touch with them recently, but it
sounds like they might have some interesting ideas on the subject. The
contact I have is Jodi Crew, 422 Ave D South, Saskatoon S7M 1R4 canada
tel 306-244-0732. She was out here checking out Maritime SB last week.

Good luck with all of this, there is much we will all learn from the
experience. Yours and Scott's gentle strength and integrity have been
apparent through it all.

All the best,



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