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To Our European Members: This message was posted to the Global Ecovillage
Network listserve-- you may want to be included in this database, as well
as connect with their Sustainable Development project. best regards,
Catherine Wanek

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>For your information.
>Its always nice to see contexts where GEN is mentioned.
>One of the projects of the European Foundation for the Improvement of
>Living and Working Conditions (based in Dublin) is the Design for
>Sustainable Development project. A special feature of the project is a new
>networks directory developed by Dr Yorick Benjamin [EDEN] which provides
>links to, and information about, over fifty network-orientated
>organisations working in the field of sustainable development.
>The networks included are a mix of the formal and the informal operating
>from a variety of different perspectives - lifestyle, research-based,
>scientific, business and decision-making. Coverage stretches
>beyond Europe to sites based in all of the major continents while the
>networks reflect a holistic understanding of sustainable development
>extending beyond the mechanics of production and consumption to include
>significant interlinked areas such as 'responsible science', consuming with
>tradeable units instead of traditional money, 'green maps' and renewable
>energy resources.
>The directory has been compiled by Dr Yorick Benjamin, Senior Researcher on
>the UnitedNations Environment Programme Working Group on Sustainable
>Product Development (UNEP-WG-SPD).
>Programme Director Gaia Villages
>General Secretary Global Eco-Village Network (GEN)
>Skyumvej 101
>7752 Snedsted
>Tel: +45 9793 6655
>Fax: +45 9793 6677
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>Eco-village Information Service:


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