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Subject: Digest for 12/5/98
-> FWD: apprenticeship wanted
by M J Epko <duckchow@...>
-> SB book contribution
by M J Epko <duckchow@...>


Date: 4 Dec 1998 23:39:29 -0600
From: M J Epko <duckchow@...>
Subject: FWD: apprenticeship wanted

Please reply to Joshua directly at <pinedune@...>. For what it's
worth, he's from Wisconsin, but doesn't appear to be restricted by
geography. CASBA, SBAN, SBE, etc, could you distribute it among your ranks
as well?

Thanks, by the way, to those of you who responded to my question about
regional associations. If I haven't responded to you yet (I owe Joyce about
forty emails by now I think), I will. I had a little computer meltdown in
the middle of redesigning (which isn't posted yet, but it's
gonna be good), but salvaged everything and am catching up.

Evgeny, I'll be soliciting you for an article for The Last Straw, watch
out. *Great* work!

>Subject: apprenticeship
>Hello there, my name is Joshua Lind and I'm interested in being an
>apprentice to an experienced straw bale house builder. I'm a very hard
>worker and am eager to learn everything about straw bale building that I
>can. I'm 21 years old and have good carpentry skills and a love of
>building and working with my hands. I'm free in the spring and summer
>months. If you or anyone you know would be able to pass down your
>knowledge about straw bale to me I'd be very grateful if you could get
>back to me or send this message on down the line. Thanks.
>Be well,
>Joshua <pinedune@...>

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Date: 5 Dec 1998 18:50:35 -0600
From: M J Epko <duckchow@...>
Subject: SB book contribution

>From: "Robert Bolman" <robtb@...>
>To: <strawbale@...>
>Subject: SB book contribution
>Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 11:30:02 -0800
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>Attention all strawbale enthusiasts with writing skills:
>Dr Janis Birkeland of the Department of Architecture and Building,
>University of Canberra in Australia is in need of someone to write a chapter
>on straw bale construction for a textbook she's writing/compiling.
>Please contact her at the following addresses.
>Robert Bolman
>>Dr. Janis Birkeland, Senior Lecturer
>>Department of Architecture and Building
>>Faculty of Environmental Design
>>University of Canberra ACT 2601
>>Phone + 61 02 6201 2693
>>Fax Phone + 61 02 6201 2279

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