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Subject: Digest for 1/10/99
-> Australian & British SB contacts wanted by film maker
by "Mark Piepkorn (f.k.a. M J Epko [R.I.P.])"
-> Re: Europeans visit to Arizona
by "Rene Dalmeijer" <rened@...>


Date: 9 Jan 1999 16:20:59 -0600
From: "Mark Piepkorn (f.k.a. M J Epko [R.I.P.])"
Subject: Australian & British SB contacts wanted by film maker

Please respond directly to Bridget at <bridie@...>

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>From: Bridget Goodwin <bridie@...>
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>Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 14:26:46 -0600
>Dear Greenbuilder,
>I am a film maker in Australia interested in producing a documentary on
>straw bale building.
>Would you please suggest some contacts I could make in Australia and
>possibly Britain as I have already made some great contacts in the USA.
>I appreciate your help.
>Bridget Goodwin


Date: 9 Jan 1999 17:51:37 -0600
From: "Rene Dalmeijer" <rened@...>
Subject: Re: Europeans visit to Arizona

Hello Matts, Judy,

Thank you for your very hospitable welcome

Its nice to see so many others finding the inspiration to come.

As Martin already told you, we had a very inspiring meeting of our fledgling
Dutch, SBN organisation. A lot of new faces at this meeting, at least for
me. Most new comers were actually well accomplished SB followers nice to
meet them. We mainly discussed the coming events of this year.
1) Three major SB projects this summer
3) SB symposium The Hague, June with David Eisenberg
4) SB workshops by Jolien vd Made and 'Strovrouwen"

Our next meeting will be in April giving us the opportunity to digest all
our CASBA impressions and divulge the gleaned knowledge.

Somehow I have the impression that Brittany has sparked off this flurry of
activity. Your presence here has demonstrated "The power of the Straw"

Hope to see you soon and bless all those preparing the stay of the European
"Eurars" SB cousins
Rene Dalmeijer


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