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Subject: Fwd: Burning SB building in Mongolia

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Sorry this response is so late.

"Leichtlehmbau" or "straw-clay" may be a good solution. By mixing earth
with the straw you create a good fire barrier. You've already got the
materials on site and the techniques are not very difficult.

If you've got someone with you there in Mongolia who speaks German, there
is a great book on "Leichtlehmbau" or "straw-clay" as its often called in

Leichtlehmbau Alter Baustoff - Neue Technik
4. Auflage
By: Franz Volhard
Published by: Verlag C.F. Mueller, Karlsruhe Germany

If you don't have a German speaker among you, I have a summary
translation of the 3rd edition in English.

The book goes into the technique of mixing a light slip of clay with the
straw -Leichtlehmbau - in great detail. volhard also discusses ceilings an=
roofs in some detail and describes how the technique can be used to accept
plaster directly. The book is complete in terms of the building system and
building physics.

I think that using straw-clay in the ceilings may be a good solution to
your problems. In any case, I highly recommend looking into the book as it
may give you other ideas that may be useful to you.

If I can be helpful in any other way contact me:
Brian Vann

good luck!!

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