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Subject: >>: fire in Mongolia

Hello everybody,

I have 5 -year experience with straw-clay technology (in 1992-1998 more 20
straw-clay 2 floors houses were build up in Belarus for Chernobyl settlers by
Germans and Belorussians in Zanaroch, 150 km to the North from Minsk).
Technology is really nice (90%-straw and near 10%-clay), fireresistant,
healthy, but needs a lot of handle work (I try compare - 20 times more then
straw-bale technology).

Normally, we protect straw-bale sealings against fire in such way: after
putting down all SB, during putting plaster on walls with stucco pump, we put
3-4 cm of plaster (clay, leim, or concrete) on sealing's SB. Distance between
hot gases and wood/SB must be 43cm and more (this is our official national
I hope, it can be usefull.

Evgeny Shirokov from Belarus


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