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Is it appropriate to use GSBN list to advertise a workshop? We have
several scheduled on the Island of Rhodes, Greece this May and I would
like to circulate the word in the sb community.

Anticipating that it will be appropriate I include the announcement and
would apprrecitate it being sent out on the GSBN list.

Thank you,


Please circulate this announcement in your local straw bale communities.

Announcing four straw bale workshops on the island of Rhodes, Greece.
One workshop each week in May, 1999

Week One - Site Preparation and Foundations
Week Two - Wall & Roof Construction
Week Three n Exterior Wall Finishes and Interior Earthen Walls
Week Four - Interior Wall Finishes and Earthen Floors

For more information, email Chris Stafford, stafford@...

- --
Chris Stafford
1044 Water Street, #326
Pt. Townsend,WA 98368
360/379-8541, fax 379-8576


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