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From: Stefan Wallner <wallner@...>
Subject: search for craftsmen in Argentina

Hi listmembers

I have a architect colleague who from time to time spends her time in
Cordoba, Argentina, meditating with her Zen Buddhist friends. They are
trying to build a meditation centre and they want it to make it as
ecological as possible and built with local material. However lack of
knowledge makes it difficult and their first buildings were built of
concrete and steel by a local builder. They want to know if they can find
local craftsmen with experience of building with clay or earth (which
once used to be common local materials) <bold><underline>or
strawbales</underline></bold>. If anybody knows of such a craftsman near
Cordoba in Argentina, please let me know.

Kind regards

Stefan Wallner

PhD Student

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Chalmers University of Technology telephone +46 31 772 23 78

Department of Building Design telefax +46 31 772 23 71

S-412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden

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