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Date: 11 Mar 1999 01:10:35 -0600
From: (email address removed)(Bill Christensen)
Subject: Fwd: Straw house in Spain

Hi Folks,

I received this email the other day. If you have any info, please respond
directly to Don Hartl, email: hartl@...

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Dear Mr. Christensen,

I want to build a straw bale house on some land in Northwestern Spain
(Galicia). So I wish to employ your services to find answers to the
following burning questions:

1. Has anyone built a straw bale house in Spain in recent years?

2. Is there an organization in Spain that supports straw bale
construction? (Or in France or in any other nearby countries?)

3. Do compacted bales of straw exist in Spain (or in nearby countries)?
If not, where would it be possible to have them produced, or to rent
baling machinery?

If you have any such information about Spain, I would be terribly
grateful to hear of it. I'm really hungry for this kind of

Thank you for your kind attention. I hope to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,
Don Hartl, email: hartl@...

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Date: 11 Mar 1999 21:09:15 -0600
From: Huff and Puff Constructions <huffnpuff@...>
Subject: Re: International Straw Building Conference

G'Day Strawbalers

Just to let you all know that the Huff'n'Puff crew have arrived safely
back Down Under. To all of those that missed the conference both at
Tucson and San Francisco do not miss the next one.

I will be brief and I am unable to express the gratitude here adequetly
to all of you who were our hosts and to all of you that we met along the
way. However you Americans sure know how to make us Internationals
and Aussies feel at home. Many many thanks to all of you.

On my return I have spent 15 hours sleeping and the last two hours
catching up on the List, I have to be back in Sydney tomorrow, work
awaits us we have three buildings that need their straw bales raised.

To all those who want to know why we at times digress from technical
straw bale discussions on this list, should have been at Tucson and San
Francisco. It is not until you meet the human behind the email that you
begin to realise just how important this straw is as a catalyst to the
many threads that are generated from time to time on this list server.
So I for one will not be worried about subject matter if it is not
specific straw bale, after all what is the delete key for?

Does it mean that we have to join seperate lists for footings, floors,
roofing systems, internal finish and so on????? None of these use straw
but each is vital to the whole. To expand that further we should look
at unsustainable straw bale houses, yes there is such a thing and we
visited a couple on our journey. This topic opens up a whole discussion
that is not technical not specifically straw bale but nonetheless very

So if we want to talk about self composters, solar power, the
whereabouts of Rob Tom, {I am sure that someone said that he was there}
we should and we will. For example I had 389 messages on my return from
the USA and it took me 30 miniutes to save all that I needed and deleted
the rest. By the way the topic that I filed was on eco villages, some
great stuff not at all directly related to straw bale. Maybe this list
is growing up and we can discuss other topics that are close to our
hearts as I found out on the great caravan from Tucson.

I must go to Sydney now but I will respond to all those who have written
but I need time to recover from the most entertaining, educational,
spiritual and at times overwhelming experience of my life.

PLease forgive me if I do not thank all of you individually but I will
get round to it when I get a day off. So much to discuss with you all
about many subjects and some of them are about straw.

Geez it's good to be back though!

Kind regards Straw Wolf


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