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Subject: Digest for 3/15/99
-> Possible Intern
by the black range <blackrange@...>
-> Yank in Sweden
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Date: 14 Mar 1999 23:40:08 -0600
From: the black range <blackrange@...>
Subject: Possible Intern

Hello all-

We're still glowing from the wonderful Straw Bale Conference CASBA hosted
last weekend -- great to see so many of you in person! Mark & I were
especially excited about connecting with our colleagues from overseas -
thank you all for coming and helping establish a true global straw building

Below is a request for an internship for anyone to consider- Chris
Stafford...? I have already sent her the information about the European SB
gathering in June.
Best regards,
Catherine Wanek

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 07:47:16 EST
To: blackrange@...
Subject: building with straw-bales
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Klenzestrabe 12 - 80469 Munchen - Germany - Tel.: 089 - 29 16 33 45 - e-mail

Black Range Lodge
Star Rt. 2, Box 119
Kingston, NM 88042 USA
March, 14th, 1999

Dear Sirs,
I've just been graduated in my studies of architecture at the Universtity of
Stuttgart, Germany. During these studies I read an article about the usage of
straw-bale as a material of building in the USA. This was of great interest to
me, because I intensivly studied ecological aspects and construction;
therefore I believe the know-how involved in the field of straw-bale
construction is an important addition to consider.
As a result, I would like to inquire if you knew a possibility for me to work
for a company working with this technique in order to get fundamental insight
to this fascinating style of building.In case that you do not have a project
concerning this straw-bale aspect in progress, I would also be interested in
working for your company as an architect for " non-alternative"construction.
If there is no chance to do this in a regular position I would also appreciate
to complete an internship. I would be available to start in March 1999. Please
don't hesitate to contact me, if you need more information.

Thank you in advance

Best regards,
Kerstin Rieder


Date: 15 Mar 1999 11:11:01 -0600
From: Chris Stafford <stafford@...>
Subject: Yank in Sweden


For a few days in June (June 1 thru 4) I'll be staying in Munka Ljungby,
in Skane near Angleholm, Sweden. I understand from Lars Keller that
there are straw bale projects in southern Sweden and I was hoping to see
them while there. Maybe there is a chance to get together to share
experiences. I've been building load bearing straw bale houses in the
Pacific Northwest since '94. For the month of May, before coming to
Sweden to visit friends for a few days I'll be in Greece, Island of
Rhodes, teaching straw bale workshops there. We will build a small
(30sm) loard bearing building as part to the workshops. I'm sure we can
find more to talk about than we have time for.

I will appreciate hearing from anyone interested in getting together.

Best wishes, Chris
- --
Chris Stafford
1044 Water Street, #326
Pt. Townsend,WA 98368
360/379-8541, fax 379-8576


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