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Subject: Re: Fungus in Earthen Render/Stucco

Dear Bill and Athena and all of you who so kindly responded to my
problem with fungus.

Thank you all for your replies and for the ideas.

The fungus is appearing on the external coat as we have not rendered the
inside as yet. The problem will be solved and I like the limewash
soltion best of all. We will keep you informed of the progress.

Maybe the first coat of slurry was not allowed to fully dry before we
applied the second coat of straw and clay, we will let the slurry dry
first or maybe we should try applying the straw/clay mix without the
slurry. We feel that the slurry helps enormously with the keying for
the second coat. Bill and Athena do you apply more than one coat or do
you build the first coat out to the finished depth?

Thanks again and keep thinking.

Regards Straw Wolf


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