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Subject: Re: Fungus in Earthen Render/Stucco

At 07.33 1999-03-24 +1000, Huff and Puff Constructions wrote:
>G'Day Strawbalers
>Straw Wolf here. We seem to have a problem with black fungal growth on
>our second coat 65mm/2.5 inches thick of clay and straw render.
>The clay and straw mix was as Bill and Athena showed us and it is going
>on very well and sticks like the proverbial. However after three to
>four days a black growth has appeared on parts of the wall. I feel that
>it will go away but I am not too sure.

We've had the same problems in our sb house, but it disappeared with the
evaporating water in a couple of weeks. The same thing happened when we
made light strawclay bricks some years ago. I don't know if it affects your
health in some way, if this kind of fungus is toxic???

Kind regards

Stefan Wallner
PhD Student

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