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Subject: Re: GSBN: Change of guard

Pamela Wadsworth Goode,(email address removed)writes:
>Hello and Good bye,
>Pam Goode from CASBA here,
>I have not been very vocal, but I have enjoyed listening in the background.
> Maury Bennett will take over my place as the new Director of CASBA. He
>should be added to the list and me taken off. His email is
>(email address removed)

>A little bit of CASBA news...
>Kelly Lerner and I were up till 1am with Marcus Hardwick and Dan Smith last
>night, compiling the "California Building Officials' Guide to Straw-Bale
>Construction". We have version 1.1 ready for the California Building
>Officials meeting at the end of the month. We do not know how we will
>sell these binders full of the current testing and s-b information to other
>interested folks. We will let you know when we work out a way to
>distribute them. We would be interested to hear how other volunteer
>organizations sell materials without overworking their volunteer's. The
>completion of this Guide is the final project Kelly and I will complete as
>Co-directors, as she heads for Argentina and I head for my drafting table.
>I enjoyed meeting you all at the meeting last month,
>P.S. I sent the paper work today for CASBA's $50 payment to Sustainable
>Sources in Austin. Let me know asap if this is incorrect. thanks.

This is indeed correct.

The address again, in case anyone missed it, is:

Sustainable Sources
108 Royal Way #1004
Austin, TX 78737

So far, we've gotten payments from Bruce King, Chris Stafford, (both at $50)
and Matts and Judy ($100). That pays for the listserv for 11/1/98 through
9/1/99. But don't let that stop anyone from sending in their '99 payments!
there's any left over, we'll decide as a group what to do with it.


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