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-> next int. gathering plus seminar on sustainable bld. materials
by "Lars Keller" <lars_keller@...>
-> Re; Moisture Test/ Council Rejection
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Date: 2 Apr 1999 05:03:54 -0600
From: "Lars Keller" <lars_keller@...>
Subject: next int. gathering plus seminar on sustainable bld. materials

sorry if I seem to repeat myself, but just in case you didnot receive


You are hereby invited to join the two events mentioned below, taking
place in Denmark 17-20th of June.

At the same time I ask you to spread the news to relevant receivers,
such as magazines, homepage calendars, organizations, friends etc.

For those who are still dealing with their jetlag from the ucson-CASBA
journey I send you warm & friendly greetings from Martin Oehlmann and
Lars Keller. We both want to extend our deepest blessings as expressed
by John Glassford from Down Under.

May the straw-God be with U all !:)!
Lars Keller


International StrawBale-Gathering (2nd European StrawBale
One day seminar on Sustainable Building Materials, Focus on StrawBales.
Speciel guest David Eisenberg !!!! :)


International StrawBale-Gathering (2nd European gathering)

Friday 18.06.99

16.00-18.00 arrival, check-in
19.00-20.00 Welcome and Danish evening meal
20.30-22.30 David Eisenberg: overview on r&d, tests and acceptance

Saturday 19.06.99

8.00- 9.00 breakfast
9.30-12.30 introduction to the national networks
12.45-13.45 lunch
14.00-17.00 working groups
17.30-18.30 guided tour through the Folkecenter and the sb building
19.00-O evening meal and a nearly midsummer night celebration

Sunday 20.06.99

8.00- 9.00 breakfast
9.30-12.30 working groups finish, destillation, results are shared
13.00-14.00 lunch
15.00O departure for those in a hurry

Food is $23 for the Gathering ($12 pr. Day)
Sleeping is $3 pr. Night on a mattress in common rooms, $12 in a bed
(very few available), tenting is a dollar and a half pr. Night.
European participants contribute another $20, Danish participants
contribute additionally $10.
The proceeds go to cover David Eisenbergs travel costs.

Place & communication:
Address: Nordvestjysk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi Northwestern
Folkcenter for Renewable Energy), Kammersgaardsvej 16, Soender Ydby,
7760 Hurup, Danmark.
Contact person: Jane Kruse
Phone: + 45 - 9795 6600
Fax: + 45 - 9795 6555
Email: energy@...

There is a train connection nearby, connecting with the airport in
Copenhagen. Flying to Denmark can also be done to the Airport at
Karup.For trains see:
Should more details be necessary then contact the Folkecenter.

Longer stays at the Folkecenter can be arranged.
Contact the Folkecenter in good time.


One day seminar on Sustainable Building Materials,
Focus on StrawBales.
Speciel guest David Eisenberg

Thursday 17.06.99 from 10.00 - 16.00 at the Folkecenter.

Price: $60, members of LOEB & Friends of Folkecenter $30 foreign
participants of the 2nd European SB Gathering $15.

Aiming at decision makers, such as building officials, code officials,
politicians, architects, craftsmen, builders etc. the presentations will
deal with the present approach from the existing institutions etc.
towards sustainable building materials. Barriers will be discussed and
ways to overcome them will be debated. Ways to share new knowledge put

DE will share the work which DCAT - the Development Center for
Appropriate Technology - is doing in their program Building
Sustainability into the Codes.

About DE:
David Eisenberg is the Co-Director of the Development Center for
Appropriate Technology (DCAT) in Tucson, Arizona. He has over twenty
years of construction experience, including troubleshooting the
spaceframe and glazing systems for Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona;
building a $2 million structural concrete house, a structural steel
hypoallergenic house, a rammed earth house, and building with adobe,
straw bales and most conventional building systems.

For the past seven years he has been involved in straw bale
construction, co-writing The Straw Bale House book and writing numerous
articles on bale building. He has led straw bale workshops from coast
to coast in the US, as well as in Canada, and Scotland. He consults on
design and construction details and building code issues. He has been
involved with research and testing projects for straw bale construction.
He co-wrote the original draft of the Building Code for Loadbearing and
Non-Loadbearing Straw Bale Construction for the City of Tucson and Pima
County, Arizona, which was adopted in January 1996. He also provided
the majority of the text and consulted on the language of California
Assembly Bill 1314, which was signed into law in 1995 establishing
voluntary guidelines for straw bale construction for the State of
California. He consulted on the straw bale building code developed for
Austin, Texas.

He has held meetings and led workshops and seminars for building
officials in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada,
New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. His working paper, "Straw
Bale Construction and the Building Codes", has been praised by building
officials, designers, builders, and owner-builders alike.

He is currently leading a national effort in the U.S. to introduce a
sustainable context into the building code development process, through
a program DCAT developed called Building Sustainability into the Codes.
As a parallel program, he is working to develop a comprehensive program
for research, testing, and development of very low impact building
materials and systems, in order to make them available and usable within
the building codes. He has also been recently appointed to serve as
Vice-Chair of a new ASTM Subcommittee on Sustainable Development.

He is a frequent speaker on issues of sustainability and building codes
at conferences, seminars and meetings. His writing on this subject has
been published in numerous magazines, and chapters he authored for two
new books on sustainable building are due to be published in 1999.
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Date: 2 Apr 1999 20:00:52 -0600
From: Huff and Puff Constructions <huffnpuff@...>
Subject: Re; Moisture Test/ Council Rejection

John Glassford here with a potentially serious problem for Aussies.

Colin James called me on Thursday from Western Australia and needs help
to get his local Council in tune with the majority of Councils around
Aus. Colin has had two applications for straw bale houses on behalf of
his clients rejected because starw bale walls do not comply with the
Building Code of Australia from the point of view of moisture
penetration {According to the Officials}. Colin will have to resort to
legal action with appeals to the Local Govt Dept, if that fails to the
State of WA amd if that fails to the Supreme Court, we do not think
that this is at all necessary as so many councils have now approved
straw bale houses under the same BCA that Colin is appealing on.

So all those Aussie builders on this list please send me details of
the Councils that you obtained approval on and the contact numbers and
names PLEASE. We do not want any red tape type power hungry odd chaps
in one Council in WA spoil the party for the rest of us.

Colin posted a message to this listserver around the 8th of March and
received several replies including information on Don Fugler's work in

My request is for further information if possible on what tests if any
are currently being conducted om moisture penetration in the walls
themselves and especially around windows and doors?

We are prepared to carry out further tests this year at the Uni of New
South Wales if it is necesary. The problem being one of duplication we
do not want to start something that is already being done. I know that
I have just returned from THAT trip and that I should know what is going
on but the trip was a dream was it not?? Anyway if we have to carry out
further tests we will but with some help this time from the rest of you
Aussie SB builders.

The question then becomes one of what tests to do for moisture
penetration and on what sort of stucco/render?????

To me the answer is simple build the houses with a verandah around the
three straw bale walls South, West and East and build the North wall out
of glass and timber with a pergola growing decidious plants such as
wysteria etc, you all know what I mean so why can't we make this Council
see sense?

Kind regards The Straw Wolf


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