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-> Rural Egypt
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Subject: Rural Egypt

I almost didn't forward this to the list, but realized that it's a perfect
example of the need for a stock response that everyone has, can use freely
and easily, and points to only the best beginner info. This is something
that seems to come up with just about every organization/group - how to
respond to casual inquiries that could lead to real (and large-scale)
"conversions." I mean, a couple books and a couple websites and a couple
resources, how hard can it be? (And how hard can it be for a person to just
go to a bookstore or a library or search the internet, really?)

Perhaps if we share our existing stock personal/organizational responses
with each other, we can come up with a single cohesive, agreeable, fair,
and usable list/FAQ/promo-sheet sort of thing that could be widely and
freely distributed. (And maybe then these pesky reporters who don't do
their homework will start to get their facts straight in their news
stories, too... grin...)

I've gotta get back to the magazine, so won't be responding to Daniel's
question. Anybody want it?

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>We are interested in the possibility of straw-bale construction in rural
>Egypt. Can you assist us with information or where we could obtian such
>Thank you,
>Daniel Traen

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Mark Piepkorn (f.k.a. M J Epko)
Kingston, New Mexico
USA Today has come out with a new survey:
Apparently three out of four people make up
75 percent of the population.
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