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-> Can Manuse mystery from January solved
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Date: 28 Apr 1999 13:38:40 -0500
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Subject: Can Manuse mystery from January solved

Back on January 30, some of you may recall, I forwarded an email from Joe
Kennedy, who was building in Argentina, asking for any thoughts on how to
best use the materials at hand. I opened the query by saying:

>My prefatory question for anybody: What's Joe mean
>when he says "can manuse"? Cow manure? Canned
>mongoose? Canadian moose? Cranberries?

The mystery is solved! Joe and Rose stopped by last week. It seems that he
hand-wrote his message, and it was faxed to somebody with a computer who
didn't speak English, who transcribed the note. That's why Joe didn't
respond to people who sent replies - he didn't have a computer at his
disposal. He asked me to send his thanks to those of you who helped.

"Can manuse" is indeed Cow Manure.

They're now off to Australia and Europe.


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