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-> Anybody wanna go to Russia?
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Subject: Anybody wanna go to Russia?

Robert Bolman <<robtb@...> -

Andrea's email address wasn't included in the forward; could you see
that she gets this?


Andrea -

There actually are a number of SB buildings in Russia. Solar Energy
International, the Belarusian Division of the International Academy of
Ecology, a German-Belarusian NGO called Houses For Chernobyl Settlers,
and Belarus' Ministry of Construction and Architecture are all involved.
Please find contact info for Evgeny Shirokov in the post quoted below.
He'll have very helpful information for you.


From: Evgeny Shirokov <<iae@...>


Evgeny Shirokov from Belarus/Minsk/IAE here (maybe some know me as one
of the translators of "Build it with Bales" (1996) into Russian, and one
of the builders of the first finished SB house in CIS (Belarus, Zanaroch,
1996 - together with Ken Williams and Louie Saletan from Solar Energy
Int., Colorado)).

We have straw-clay Codes on the national level since 1997, and we will
get a SB Code in 1998 (we forced Government/Ministry of Building pay for

Anyway, 9 SB houses were finished in 1997 and near 50 will be finished
this year in Belarus. Our SB activities were adopted as a one of the best
"Sustainable Energy successes in CEE" (Book of best practice in CEE, by

Now we're working with a 0-Energy SB Ecohouse for Russian climate
(magazine "Architecture and Building of Russia", May, 1998).

Best regards,


International Academy of Ecology,

Varvasheny str.,81-704

Belarus, Minsk



At 10:56 PM 4/28/99 -0700, "Robert Bolman" <<robtb@...> wrote:


Hi Everybody,

This was on the Green Building list, but I'm forwarding it to SB becuase
you're all so nice and helpful.




I am working in Khabarovsk, Russia for Institute for Sustainable
Communities (Vermont) on a sustainble business develop program funded by

As you can imagine, environmental problems here are huge, and so are
issues of construction. People are concerned about health, and ecology.
There are some building firms - state -operated and private, that are
interested in sustainable building - clean materials, energy efficient
methods - everything. This is all non-existant here except for
traditional log houses (which are not practical in the dense urban

I am interested to know whether there are organizations out there who
might serve as mentors to some of these organizations. Or, be able to
serve as consultants here. There are various programs (ours among them)
that can pay for costs of bringing volunteers, and even some that could
pay consulting fees. I simply don't know where to look. Any suggestions?
Best would be some Oregon, Washington or Alaska organization.

Thanks for any suggestions, Andrea LaFayette



Freewheeling autonomous speculation - Think!

I'm off the clock and on my own time, dig?

Mark Piepkorn (f.k.a. M J Epko)


Kingston, New Mexico


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asked, "Why were you not Zusya?"

- Rabbi Zusya


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