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Huff and Puff Constructions wrote:
> John Glassford here with a potentially serious problem for Aussies.
> Colin James called me on Thursday from Western Australia and needs help
> to get his local Council in tune with the majority of Councils around
> Aus. Colin has had two applications for straw bale houses on behalf of
> his clients rejected because starw bale walls do not comply with the
> Building Code of Australia from the point of view of moisture
> penetration {According to the Officials}. Colin will have to resort to
> legal action with appeals to the Local Govt Dept, if that fails to the
> State of WA amd if that fails to the Supreme Court,

Chris Stafford here,

John, at first I thought why would they be appealing to the State of WA
(Washington)? Then of course, where is there a more soggy damp place
that you can find straw bale houses, if it isn't in Western Washington
(and Oregon). David Riley's group at the University of Washington just
concluded a year of moisture testing on a small heated straw bale shed
with stucco exterior walls and gypsum plaster interior walls. It is my
understanding there was no moisture barrier under the stucco and no
vapor barrier under the plaster.

Before the shed's walls were rendered with stuccoed and plastered the
moisture counts in the bales was about 6%, after rendering the MC was
between 13% and 14%, at 55-57 degees F. The MC has decreased over this
last year.

Typically in Seattle, where the test shed resides, the average rainfall
is between 60 and 70 inches a year and this past year was exceptionally
wet. I saw David yesterday and know the report has not been written yet,
but David may be able to offer more information than I just gave. I'm
forwarding to David your email request for help.

David Riley
Assistant Professor
Department of Construction Management
University of Washington
"D. Riley" <driley@...>

Also don't forget to contact Joanna Karl, who you may have met at the
Int'l S B Conference in California. She has been doing moisture testing
in Portland Oregon.

Good luck, Chris
- --
Chris Stafford
1044 Water Street, #326
Pt. Townsend,WA 98368
360/379-8541, fax 379-8576


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