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-> Beauty, purpose, and curiosity.
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Date: 5 May 1999 07:25:56 -0500
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Subject: Beauty, purpose, and curiosity.

Dear U

I am writing you from Denmark, where I am working on a Danish
buiding/inspirational Straw Bale manual. It is NGO-funded and will be spread
out to interested people for the value of the paper. It will also be available

As building manuals do exist I focus on inspiring. To do this I want to use a
lot of pictures (I also go in depth with existing litterature, web-resources
etc.), which I think is a superior way to inspire.

I hope to be able to show to the Danish audience that SB makes sense. That SB
is oftenmost beautifull. That it is used everywhere. That it is as appropriate
for small & big, cheap & expensive buildings.

And I need your help. If you will be so kind as to send me one carefully
selected picture (colour, black/white, all is fine), or two, or...
It is of high importance that you ad a descriptive text to go with the
picture, and that you ad who shot the picture (You can get any relevant info.
added, such as your firm, address, etc.)
Please send picture electronically to:

Or if your picture is already available on a homepage, then please notify me

Best regards
Lars Keller

(I#180#ll be most happy to make pictures from Scandinavia available for you as
a payback).

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