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Subject: Re; Australian & NZ Councils & SB Approval

G'day Fellow Aussies and Kiwis

Would any of you are on this list please advise me of The Councils that
you know of who have approved straw bale buildings. If possible the
name of the Council, the type of building approved eg load bearing etc.

I apologise to the other members of this list who are non-Australian or
Kiwi but we do not have an Aussie strawbale listserver nor do we need
one. So with your indulgence we need help to form a list of all
Australian Councils approving straw bale houses etc.

I will start the list by listing those Councils that I know who have
approved straw bale buildings in this great land of ours:

Kuringai Municipal Council; NSW First Floor SB Extension Bale-in-Fill
Wingecarribie Shire Council; NSW Load bearing stables/garage/workshop
Wingecarribie Shire Council; NSW Bale-in-fill two story studio/bedroom
Hornsby Shire Council; NSW Bale-in-Fill House/Bedwing/Garage/Games Room
Mudgee Shire Council; NSW Load Bearing Winery (Jumbo Bales)
Whyalla City Council; South Australia Buddhist Meditation Centre
Singleton Council; NSW Load Bearing Factory (Jumbo Bales)
Cessnock City Council; At least Two Bale-In-Fill Houses.
Toowoomba City Council; Queensland 450 sq.m.Bale-In-Fill House.
Maleny Shire Council; Queensland Bale-in-Fill House.
Blue Mountains City Council; NSW Bale-in-Fill Buddhist Centre.
Orange City Council: NSW Bale-in-Fill House.

These are just some of the straw bale buildings that I know about.
Would all you Victorians, South Australians, Sandgropers (WA) and Kiwis
please help to compile this list. Not forgetting the ACT, Yabbie Dave
are you there?

Yabbie Dave we need an Association what says you?

Regards The Straw Wolf


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