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-> Workshop in Greece
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From: Chris Stafford <stafford@...>
Subject: Workshop in Greece

Chris Stafford here,

This May in Greece we successfully got straw bale walls up and roofed,
using natural materials, for two 30 square meter rooms. Earthen and lime
plaster work is continuing in a workshop later in July and August,
trading work for experience. Following is a workshop announcement for
anyone interested. Please get the word out to your local straw balers.

Natural Building Workshop, Rhodes, Greece July 22-Aug 8, 1999

A follow-on workshop to one in May that constructed two 30 square
meter load bearing straw bale buildings and plastered the roofs and
exteriors walls with base layers of earthen and lime plasters. This
workshop will be working with more earthen and lime wall plasters, a
natural roof system, straw-clay block partition walls, earthen floors,
and electrical installation.
The workshop is free in exchange for work performed, but
participants should expect to pay approximately 15 U.S. Dollars per day
for lodging in the nearby village or camp for free on the site (no
shade, but a bathroom and shower are available). The noon meal will be
provided, but participants should expect to pay 6 U.S.D. per day for
breakfast and dinner.
For further information, contact:
Gene Leone
23 les Farigoules
13680 Lancon-Provence

French Tel.: (0)6 86 20 95 14
e-mail: gleone@...

- --
Chris Stafford
1044 Water Street, #326
Pt. Townsend,WA 98368
360/379-8541, fax 379-8576


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