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>Dear Judy, dear Mark, dear all...
The workshop in Austria had been wonderful. A new branch in the network has
been intiated. Thanks to the inspiring energy of Michael Graf a motivated
of people joined the workship and yes it happened again. In that weekend
everybody got infused by the simpicity and beauty of straw-bale building.
Lighted eyes. Flashes.
The place: Bildungshaus St. Georgen, a beautiful former monastery, the oldest
in Karnten, lying pittoresque at a hillside of the Langsee. The straw-bale
house will be for meditation and peace, situated in the growing permaculture
garden with a mavellous view to the Karavanken mountains. There are about
15.000 visitors a year reflecting that center, which is offering a big range
various workshop on "art of life", festivals etc. Michael, the coordinator of
this workshop with his inspiring energy agreed to support the international
sb-network spreading news to workshop participants and those who will join in
future on nitty gritties of the wider network. Therefore it would be excellent
if he would be connected with GSBN.
The mahjority of the participants already are planning own projects. From
isolating barns to garden sheds or to Michaels own house to be build end of
summer next year. Permissions for post and beam structures are no porplem in
This also leads to a promising start of a new company called Stro-Tech, run by
Herbert Gruber and family. Herbert is a highly motivated person who did a
presentation during the workshop. He is offering prefab post and beam
structures easily to construct with all support if needed. He is excellent in
pr and sold already 5 houses to be built in the near future. If he will
these projects successfull, he will have a tremendous future and I wish him
his wife all the best for this breakthrough.
More news later from the gathering in Denmark and more news from Michael as
news from Felix Austria will be of interest..,
>All the best, Martin

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