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Dear GSBN list. From Ecotopia youth org. in Romania I forward this request.
Lars Keller

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> Subject: searching for trainer
> dear Karen and others at GEN,
> I am writing with an important and urgent request for information.
> Please spare us 3 minutes to read this letter.
> Background:
> As you know there will be the Ecotopia youth gathering in romania
> this august, where the team is planning to run a strawbale
> workshop.
> The plans for this workshop have varied alot according to our
> funding hopes (we had tried to fundraise for a big 70m building that
> would become the start of the community and an advice centre for
> local sustainable agriculture and tourism). There hasn't been
> enough successful fund applications for a big house so far, so the
> plan is postponed. But we still hope, at best, to make a smaller, 1-
> room house 25m2 as part of a small ecological holiday village, if all
> goes well. It would be the first SB building in Romania with
> permission and act as an example to others. This desire is really
> driving the team. But...
> Now we have a new 'challenge', as the trainer we have been
> working with for 8 months, cannot come for the amount of money
> we found so far. We have the choice to do a small workshop (eg
> build a shed or repair a village building) by ourselves; or, go for our
> dream: to get planning permission (its definate) for straw building in
> romania and build the show-holiday home.
> ***************************************************
> Request:
> Do you know anyone in your network - especially from an eastern
> or southern ecocommunity - who has the skills to be our trainer
> We need someone with :
> *enthusiasm and interest to promote strawbale methods in
> Romania and empowering young environmentalists in East and
> West
> * experience with strawbale building
> * has a minimum one week time between 1-21st of August
> * has time for some preparation talks over e-mail
> * who can lead unexperience volunteers and explain well theory
> and practice
> * can either -
> 1) implement the design we prepare. or
> 2) come soon for a few days to Romania, to be involved in the
> design (see the site, have more detailed preparation) etc - we pay
> for travel costs, accomodation with us.
> We offer:
> * 1000 DEM trainer fee for a minimum of a week
> * reasonable travel and visa costs for August and optional for a
> preliminary visit to work on design
> * an international event expecting 400+ inspired young people
> * a local preparation team that
> - were partners/participants in the first Romanian strawbale
> workshop
> - whose members between them, have organised four
> international events
> - collaborates closely with several international networks
> - is strongly motivated by long term aims to create a self
> sustainable community.
> *************************************
> We know you are busy people, but would be very grateful if you
> can distribute this request any potential helpers.
> With love, from Cara.
> On behalf of Teodora (house coordinator) and the Ecotopia team.
> ps. Karen we no longer need information on compost toilets and
> waste water as we have all we need from CAT.

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