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Hi Folks,

Just back from Rico Colorado's Natural Building Workshop. A great time was
by all...

Found a note in my email from Joyce Coppinger asking me to forward the

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I'm starting to organize the 2nd Nebraska SB Conference and have booked
space at a conference center in Nebraska's Sandhills for September 29,
30 and October 1 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in the year 2000. Do you
know of any other international conferences, meetings, workshops, events
which would conflict with these dates?

Also, I would like to include members of the international sb community
on the planning committee for this conference. Looking for volunteers
to help determine presenters, program topics, daily schedules, related
events (tour of historic bale buildings, new sb construction in
Nebraska) (workshop for hands-on training/experience at sb project in
Nebraska after the conference) for the conference.

Would appreciate advice and input about any aspect of planning for this

Joyce Coppinger
The Straw Bale Association of Nebraska
1-800-910-3019 or jc10508@...

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The Austin Green Building Conference was tentatively set for that weekend.
However, I *think* that they've fumbled that one, and will not be holding the
conference. I don't have a definitive answer on that yet, but I feel that
have done too little advance preparation to be able to pull off their usual
killer conference on this short notice - no announcements have been made, and
to my knowledge no speakers have been invited.

I'll put in a call to them (again) and let you all know if there is a clear
answer yet.


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