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-> Announce: Green built home listings online
by (email address removed)(Bill Christensen)
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Date: 17 Jul 1999 10:50:48 -0500
From: (email address removed)(Bill Christensen)
Subject: Announce: Green built home listings online

Hi folks!

Sustainable Sources is proud to announce the opening of a new Web-based real
estate listing service for green built homes at

We want to give you the first chance to list your or your clients'
green properties FOR FREE.

The full announcement follows. Feel free to spread the word. Please contact
me directly if you have any questions or feedback.

My apologies if you have already received this announcement, or if you
consider this post off topic.

Bill Christensen
Sustainable Sources

Buy or Sell Your Green Built Home!

Buy the home you have always dreamed of or sell
your green home for the price it's worth. List
now and your ad is FREE!

How it works:

1) List Your Property at

Enter detailed information about your property. Upload a picture if you have
one. Realtors are welcome.

2) Keep it current.

Each month we'll send you a reminder email. Log in, find your listing, and
confirm that it's still for sale. Make changes to your listing at any time.

3) What does it cost?

Right now, nothing! Since it's brand new, any listings entered between now
and September 1, 1999 are completely FREE, and can stay listed until they

Listings entered after September 1 will be charged a one-time fee of a small
percentage of the asking price.

4) Tell everyone!

Tell your friends, your business partners, and any other potential Green
Building fans you know about your listing here. Tell your Realtor, too. Put
pointers to your listing on your own web site and in your email signature.

It's easy to remember -

Why a property listing service?

Green built homes are the wave of the future, and some use technology so new
that realtors may not yet be up to speed. Help your Realtor get moving fast by
listing in Sustainable Sources. Your ad will be seen by people who know green
building. As a long time leader in green building information, Sustainable
Sources is uniquely positioned to connect buyers with sellers.

Since we don't have the space constraints of print publications, we can allow
full descriptions of your property at far less cost. A 30-word classified ad
run once in one well known print quarterly would cost more than an
unlimited-word ad at Sustainable Sources for a $50,000 home which will run
until the property sells.

Let us know when you are successful in selling or buying a green built home.
We love good news!

Realtors - Lenders - Builders - Architects
Ask us about advertising on this site!

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Date: 17 Jul 1999 22:10:49 -0500
From: Strawnet@...
Subject: Fwd: straw bale buiding

Hi all,

I thought this an appropriate place to pass this message along. These
are the folks that drove the Netherlands contingent to the 2nd Annual
Straw Bale Gathering in Denmark last month in their beautiful Setra bus!
They are great people and the bus is glorious. Pat and I and Harald Wedig
rode with them part way back to Germany after the meeting and it was
great. If anyone has info that would help them put this trip together,
please pass it along to them at: (email address removed)


David Eisenberg

Subject: straw bale buiding
To: Pat Eisenberg, envcivpe@...
David Eisenberg, strawnet@...
From: (email address removed)(Madeleine Mes)

Dear friends,

We are thinking of organizing a bus trip from Amsterdam to Ukraine and/or
Belarus to visit and participate in straw bale building projects there,
somewhere next year.
We have just now asked Andrei Konochenkov by e-mail for information about
current projects, but we do not know if he is the best source of
about this.
So if anyone has interesting contacts in Ukraine or Belarus or tips or
anything you would like to share on our crazy project, please let us
We will be very glad with all reactions.

Hanneke Vink
Madeleine Mes
(Artimobiel Foundation)


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