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-> FWD: Greek project
by the black range <blackrange@...>
-> Fw: Copy of Cover Letter to US State Department:
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From: the black range <blackrange@...>
Subject: FWD: Greek project

Hi All- Especially Chris Stafford and the Europeans. Here is another SB
opportunity in Greece.... regards, Catherine

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>Subject: FWD: Greek project
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>>Subject: Greek project
>>Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 02:12:34 -0700
>>July 5, 1999
>>Dear Women for Sustainable Technologies,
>>I was recently in Tucson to give a seminar called the Holistic Home and came
>>across a presentation on a recent conference which you organized. I would
>>have liked to have had time to visit your premises but I leave for Athens
>>During my stay, I have come into contact with various people and
>>organizations working with solar and ecological building, including Shay
>>Solomn at Women build houses, Mr. Malo at the School of Architecture, Karl
>>Hodges, Larry Medland and others. I also had the opportunity to visit
>>Regarding the purpose of my letter. Due to the nature of your work, I would
>>like to ask if you know of any person who may be interested in co-focalizing
>>the building works on an up-coming project on the Island of Evia, Greece,
>>called "Ancient futures in Architecture"- Joining Greek tradition's
>>architectural wisdom with modern ecological building technology. This
>>project begins July 15- August 15. The person involved needs to have basic
>>knowledge on roof-making and building.
>>The project involves about 15 volunteers coming from various areas of the
>>world (including countries which are political conflict) who will join in
>>restoring three two hundred year old, stone buildings within the Helikon
>>Politia- Village for culture and ecology. This place is situated on a
>>plateau over-looking the Aegean Sea. In exchange this person will receive
>>food and accommodation.
>>Helikon Politia is Greece's first eco-village initiative and part of the
>>G.E.N. Global eco-village network. Also, we have the representation of
>>Findhorn community, Scotland in Greece.
>>Project co-ordinators are myself and Liisa Jaaskelainen, Finland. Volunteer
>>organizations are SCI Hellas and Ecological Conservation Volunteers (PEPE).
>>I may fax you more information if you send me your fax number.
>>Regardless of my request, I would like to have more information on the work
>>you do in view of possible future co-operation. Our address:
>>Helikon Politia, Akteo-Marmariou, GR-34013 Evia, Greece.
>>Tel. ++30 944 659632. Email: helikon@...
>>Thank you kindly for your consideration.
>>Tina Agiorgiti
>>Co-founder Helikon
>Women for Sustainable Technologies
>E-mail: wst@...
>E-mail list: wstlist@...
>Web page:
>PO Box 48, Tucson, AZ 85702
>Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
>nothing is going to get better, it's not.
>The Lorax, by Dr. Suess


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From: the black range <blackrange@...>
Subject: Fw: Copy of Cover Letter to US State Department:

Some of you already have seen this, but for the benefit of all, here is
the latest RE the "re-build Kosovo with straw-bales" Movement...
Blessings, Catherine

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>Subject: Fw: Copy of Cover Letter to US State Department:
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>Fellow SB co conspirators
>The second European SB congres in Denmark. Has made a difference.
>I am proud to forward you this e-mail sent to me and whole network of other
>contributing souls. As you can read in the enclosed e-mail it seems that we
>are actually going to make a contribution. As far as I can make out the
>projected Community center in Albania is actually going to be built. A group
>of SB builders have well advanced plans to go there the end of this summer.
>If things really get moving as they seem to be we might actually be involved
>in a project in Kosovo far faster the we ever thought possible. Check out
>the Folkecenter website for details of training course specifically aimed at
>the Kosovo projects.
>Post-Catastrophy Shelter
>12-16 July & 19-23 July
>The Folkecenter is organising this building course to construct a
>post-catastrophy shelter, for use after disasters or by refugees, using
>locally available materials. In this case, these will be clay, earth and
>straw. The course will be led by Harald Wedig.
>To build a post-catastrophy shelter in the following steps:
>- analyse the situation and problem
>- design a shelter appropriate to the situation which will solve the problem
>- realise the solution by constructing the shelter.
>Harald Wedig, course leader:
>Harald lives in the Netherlands, but works in Germany, where he leads a
>project focused on motivating the long-term unemployed. He is also a
>permaculture designer, and in recent years he has been involved in
>construction of straw bale houses in Germany, Netherlands, Romania and
>Denmark, including the Folkecenter straw bale house. He is a member of Straw
>Bale Europe, who will have their Summer Gathering at the Folkecenter 18-20
>June, and in March of this year attended the International Straw Bale
>Gathering in San Francisco, USA.
>Mon-Fri, weeks 28 & 29, i.e. 12-16 & 19-23 July.
>The weekend is free of activities.
>Daily Schedule:
>08:00-09:00 Breakfast
>09:00-12:00 Theory and practical building
>12:00-13:00 Lunch
>13:00-16:00 Practical building
>16:00-17:00 Clear up and resume of that day's work
>19:00-20:00 Evening meal
>1840DKK (US$1 is approx. 7DKK) including:
>- 2 weeks' workshop @ 500DKK per week
>- 12 days' food @ 50DKK per day (including weekend)
>- 12 nights on mattress on the floor & use of bathroom facilities @ 20 DKK
>per night
>If you want to participate for one day only, the price is 200DKK per day.
>Accommodation in a room is 75DKK per night, but rooms are limited.
>Call Folkecenter on +45 97 95 6600, or fax +45 97 95 6565.
>Or e-mail (email address removed). Mark e-mails "Summer School".
>You can be collected from Ydby or Hurup railway stations.
>Please contact us in good time.
>>Sorry, Everyone, I forgot to attach this to your last letter: Peace!
>>July 1, 1999
>>To: Larry Bartlett
>>United States Department of State
>>Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
>>Tel: (202) 663-1065
>>Fax: (202) 663-1061
>>From: Lois Ann Nicolai
>>World Citizen Diplomats
>>P.O. Box 1484, Princeton, NJ 08542
>>Tel: (732) 556-9562
>>Fax: (732) 556-9563
>>Re: Straw-Bale Building Project in Kosovo
>>Dear Mr. Bartlett,
>>I am happy to inform you that I arrived home this past Monday from a
>>fact-finding mission that took me into northern Denmark and Tirana,
>>After speaking with you on June 7th in regard to submitting a proposal to
>>enable our organization to become involved in the rebuilding process of
>>Kosovo, our organization decided it was necessary for me to meet with the
>>Straw Bale Builders in Europe and Scandinavia at their annual meeting June
>>17th - 20th. We decided I should also go into Tirana, Albania, to meet
>>with some of the NGO's already established there.
>>I am sending this cover letter today to inform you of our decision, and I
>>will submit our first draft proposal before July 5th requesting funding to
>>begin a rebuilding program immediately for both the citizens of Albania and
>>the returning Kosovar Refugees.
>>The first half of my trip was spent at the Nordvestjysk Folkecenter for
>>Vedvarende Energi in Hurup Thy, Denmark, where over one hundred straw bale
>>builders representing 14 countries met. It was unanimously and
>>enthusiastically decided by the Straw-Bale Building Network to submit a
>>proposal to go into Kosovo the summers of 1999 and 2000 to help the Kosovar
>>Refugees rebuild their homes. It was suggested that our first buildings be
>>raised in Albania, both to provide a community building training for both
>>Kosovar Refugees and Albanian citizens, and to leave something positive
>>behind for the Albanian people who made such an effort to help the refugees
>>who fled to their doorsteps this spring. However, this suggestion was made
>>before it was clear that most, if not all, Kosovar Refugees are already on
>>their way back into Kosovo. Therefore, the place to start building this
>>summer must still be decided.
>>Once I received the enthusiastic guarantee from the builders that they are
>>eager to conduct a Straw-Bale Building and Training Project in Albania
>>Kosovo, I went on to Tirana to meet with some NGO's already established in
>>the Balkans.
>> I met with two organizations that showed an interest in working with us on
>>this project. The first organization is ADRA (Adventist Development and
>>Relief Agency). I met with Mr. Sean Robinson, Executive Director of ADRA
>>Tirana, and with Mr. Michael Porter, Director of Special Projects for ADRA.
>>We discussed a Straw-Bale Building project for Kosovo.
>>ADRA is very knowledgeable of Straw-Bale Building because they initiated
>>a building project in Mongolia, which has been very successful and is
>>progressing well this summer. Both gentlemen displayed an interest in our
>>proposal. They suggested that I contact their ADRA Kosovo Crisis Operation
>>office in Pristina, Kosovo, headed by Mr. Fred Kumah. I am contacting him
>>today also.
>>While I was in Tirana I stayed at the residence of The Balkan Sunflower
>>Project, which is headed by Wam Kat. This is a group of volunteers who
>>into several refugee camps and entertained the children each day. Wam has
>>been writing a daily diary on the Internet to inform people of what is
>>happening in the Balkans at the grassroots level. He started this type of
>>reporting while in Croatia several years ago and he and his Sunflower
>>Volunteers have been helping the refugees since they arrived in Albania
>>spring. Wam Kat has suggested we build a Community Building as a school
>>Youth Center in Berat, 80 kilometers from Tirana, where there is a strong
>>youth structure already established.
>>Mr. Robinson and Mr. Porter from ADRA said they assumed we should consider
>>beginning our building project in Kosovo. However, they suggested we
>>Fred Kumah in Pristina to get his opinion.
>>We are prepared to begin a building project immediately, beginning
>>construction this August, but we must complete the fundamental foundation
>>work before we can begin. Therefore, we need to know as soon as possible
>>you wish to use our services.
>>I am sending this cover letter and upcoming draft proposal directly to you
>>and both your DART offices in Albania and Macedonia. I am also sending a
>>copy to the ADRA offices in Tirana, Albania, Pristina, Kosovo, and Silver
>>Spring, MD. I understand from the information you faxed to me that the
>>proposal should be limited to 7-10 pages. However, if more information is
>>needed, please contact me immediately and I will send any additional
>>information you request.
>>We are very excited about the prospect of being able to be a part of the
>>rebuilding process for the people of Kosovo. Please know that we are
>>anxiously waiting to hear from you in regard to our proposal.
>>Warm Regards in Peace and Friendship,
>>Lois Ann Nicolai
>>President, World Citizen Diplomats


End of Digest

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