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the black range wrote:
> Some of you already have seen this, but for the benefit of all, here is
> the latest RE the "re-build Kosovo with straw-bales" Movement...
> Blessings, Catherine
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> >Subject: Fw: Copy of Cover Letter to US State Department:
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> >Fellow SB co conspirators
> >
> >The second European SB congres in Denmark. Has made a difference.
> >
> >I am proud to forward you this e-mail sent to me and whole network of other
> >contributing souls. As you can read in the enclosed e-mail it seems that we
> >are actually going to make a contribution. As far as I can make out the
> >projected Community center in Albania is actually going to be built. A
> >of SB builders have well advanced plans to go there the end of this summer.
> >If things really get moving as they seem to be we might actually be
> >in a project in Kosovo far faster the we ever thought possible. Check out
> >the Folkecenter website for details of training course specifically aimed
> >the Kosovo projects.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >Post-Catastrophy Shelter
> >12-16 July & 19-23 July
> >The Folkecenter is organising this building course to construct a
> >post-catastrophy shelter, for use after disasters or by refugees, using
> >locally available materials. In this case, these will be clay, earth and
> >straw. The course will be led by Harald Wedig.
> >Aim:
> >
> >To build a post-catastrophy shelter in the following steps:
> >
> >- analyse the situation and problem
> >
> >- design a shelter appropriate to the situation which will solve the
> >
> >- realise the solution by constructing the shelter.
> >
> >Harald Wedig, course leader:
> >
> >Harald lives in the Netherlands, but works in Germany, where he leads a

Chris Stafford here.


Its interesting note to your course in Albania is to also teach the
Albanias. In May, for our straw bale and natural plasters house project
on Rhodes, Greece, we hired three Albania brothers as laborers. Refugees
living for the last four years in the village of Apolakkia on Rhodes. It
turned out to be a collaboration since they had experience building in
their home town with hand made straw clay blocks, natural plasters, etc.
What we could teach them was building walls with straw bales instead of
straw clay blocks or stones, then plastering over the bales.

Although the two string bales we used were compact we had trouble
getting them to support the weight of earthen roofs before the walls
were plastered. This order we wanted to compress the walls before
plastering them. The dimension between supporting walls, outside to
outside, was 4.9m. Experimenting on separate walls we used earthen and
line plasters. Its too soon to determine which eventually will be best.
Of particular concern on Rhodes was designing for seismic zone 3, much
like we have here in Western Washington State. For this, before
plastering, we used a lot of polypropylene strapping both horizontally
and vertically.

The brothers were hard willing workers and set a fast pace for us to try
and follow. Probably the hardest information for us to communicate, was
not to add a little cement to our lime plasters. We could understand
that cement made the lime easier to work, but couldn't get them to
understand why we didn't want cement in with the lime.

Good wishes for your workshops,

- --
Chris Stafford
1044 Water Street, #326
Pt. Townsend,WA 98368
360/379-8541, fax 379-8576


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