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Dear All, Sorry to have been out of touch, I have had some health problems
to deal with which meant I haven't been able to read for a while, I'm only
just now back at the computer.
But I have some good news! We have got planning permission for the world's
first loadbearing strawbale sauna and jacuzzi! (I think, correct me if I'm
wrong) and we will almost certainly be getting building regs approval on it
as well. The other major point about the permission on this building is that
it has rammed earth car tyre foundations, which sets a precedent for low
impact foundations to be used more widely, and for loadbearing methods and
recycled foundations to be taken more seriously.
We also have p/permission for a loadbearing circular composting toilet of
the simple 2-chamber style, again which I am confident will have building
regs approval in September.
Finally, we also have planning permission for the loadbearing Women's centre
in Ireland, which incorporates building regs as the system is a bit
different in the South of Ireland to the UK.
Work on the sauna has already begun. It is a community project with no
funding so far, but we have already almost completed the foundations with
volunteer help. The straw part will go up late October/ November and is open
to anyone who wants to come and help. We are hoping to open in spring 2000
and all volunteers will get free tickets to use the sauna! We will gladly
accept any donations to help us build this exciting landmark project!
The composting loo is at the roof building stage and will be lime plastered
the weekend of 28th August by local people.
The Women's centre work begins the 4th September and will continue till it's
finished. It is open to volunteer help from women in particular, and the
straw part begins on the 27th September for two weeks.
As you probably know, email is not my cuppa tea but I will try to keep in
touch and answer any questions about these projects!
Best wishes, Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones (jbarbara@...)
Strawbale building, training, consultancy, empowerment.


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