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-> Irishman needs help from WISE persons (Eire, Wales, England, Scotland)
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Date: 24 Aug 1999 17:30:02 -0500
From: "Lars Keller" <lars_keller@...>
Subject: Irishman needs help from WISE persons (Eire, Wales, England,

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Subject: To the European Strawbale Network
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 14:35:40 +0100

Could you help us? We have recently been granted full planning permission to
build a straw bale house in County Clare, Republic of Ireland and were about
to start digging the foundations. However, the local Chief Fire Officer has
got wind of our plans and may try and prevent us from going ahead with the
building work.

Would you happen to know where we could get hold of copies of fire
safety reports of tests carried out anywhere in Europe? Any
help you could give would be greatly appreciated, as we obviously have to
appease the Chief as soon as possible!

Many thanks
Rachel Murphy and Andrew Hunt

Middleline North
County Clare
Rep. of Ireland

Tel: + 353 61 921 424
Email: hunta@...

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