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Subject: FWD: SB leisure facilities?

From: "JEANETTE PICKARD" <jeanette@...>

Hebden Bridge is a small mill-town deep in the Yorkshire countryside. There
have been plans to build a community swimming pool for the last twenty
years with a site finally acquired by the previous committee in 1988. Work
was never undertaken on site in spite of local interest and support through
fundraising activities which led to a loss of community confidence in the
project. This has led to a marked reluctance to support the project
financially until some progress is visibly made.

The new organisation, Hebden Royd Leisure Pool Association, was started in
February 1999 to widen local people's access to recreation opportunities
through the building of an environmentally-friendly sustainable leisure
facility. Our intention is to:

* To develop a fun leisure facility which offers a different experience to
that of the larger municipal pools in neighbouring towns

* To ensure the facility has the least possible impact on the environment,
and therefore the quality of life, for the community by using the most
cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions

* To self-build the facility, breaking the project into two distinct
phases for all volunteers to develop the skills, experience and capacity to
manage a major capital development, both tapping into and developing local
energy and expertise

* To engage all members of the community in all aspects of the design and
building of the facility to build a sense of community ownership through
working together to improve their community and make it 'sustainable'

* To ensure maximum accessibility, both physically and as a welcoming,
supportive environment, for all members of the community regardless of age,
gender, physical ability, ethnicity or sexuality

* To complement existing activity in the town by providing additional
opportunities to enhance and add value to current projects, working
together and sharing resources to maximise community benefit

The organisation is committed to innovative new methods which involve huge
energy savings whilst remaining as environmentally-friendly as possible. We
have begun work on Phase 1 of the project, to construct a smaller building
as a hands-on, on-the-job training project for all members of the committee
and volunteers, will use strawbale building as this is relatively cheap and
quick with excellent insulating properties and a low impact on the

I am now trying to obtain information on any other strawbale construction
projects, or indeed any other green building projects, which have developed
a full leisure facility on this scale with community involvement in the
building process. Various UK funders are (understandably) sceptical about
strawbale building as a viable alternative for a pool with concerns as to
whether steam from a sauna and/or water from water filtration systems would
in the long-term affect the stability of the structure.

Should you know of any such projects (preferably which have been successful
and have been standing for a fair few years, please could you let me have
details to support our work. There is the potential for additional funding
for us to liaise with one or more projects abroad should there be an
appropriate facility.
Please respond direct to
k rather than through the list. Thank you.


Claire Pickard
5 Eiffel Street
Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire HX7 8DE


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