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The following is from an email description of some of the work of Herbert
Gruber of StrohTec, whom many of the Europeans already have met, or know
about. What do you think about including him on the GSBN list?

regards, Catherine

........ On Sept. 6./7. we have to build a new roof, isolated with
strawbales in
>Paudorf / Niederosterreich (appr. 60 km from Vienna). And we start a 140
>squaremeter-building in Sept., 20. in Hitzendorf near Graz / Styria (150 km
>south from Vienna) and a selfmade-home (wood-construction for self
>sb-fill-in) in Hafnerbach / Niederoesterreich(lower Austria, 40 km east
>from Vienna) in the same size, soon afterwards (appr. week 39). Our
>"model-house" in Boeheimkirchen / Niederoesterreich (40 km east from
>Vienna), which I think, is the best plan of all, has to been built in week
>39/40 (Sept., 29 - Oct., 8.). So, this is our plan and we have the building
>permissions for this four strawbale-buildings.
>But there are problems with some details of the house in Hafnerbach and
>Boeheimkirchen between the architects and the owners (which are also
>price-differencies between our first quotation and the real costs after the
>sampling). So maybe there is a little delay.
>By now I have no starting-times for a double-house in Aflenz /Styria and
>two double-houses in Seyring near Vienna. There we have to wait for the
>completion of the cellars and we have not done the submittal of the
>But also this four houses have to been built this autumn/before winter.
>In fact, there is no finished StrohTec-house by now, made of strawbales,
>because the first buildings, we erected this summer in Seyring near Vienna,
>are isolated with cellulose (there was an existing plan with smaller


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