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Subject: Digest for 10/21/99
-> Important Stuff. SB Builder Needs Advice Quick.
by Mark Piepkorn <duckchow@...>
-> Baaad Fungus & Stucco Waterproofing
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Date: 21 Oct 1999 13:00:16 -0500
From: Mark Piepkorn <duckchow@...>
Subject: Important Stuff. SB Builder Needs Advice Quick.

If nothing else, this helps drive the oft-repeated point home: flat roofs
and parapets are NOT a good idea on SB. (Or on most things where people
expect them to behave like overhanging pitched roofs.)

Please help Kimber, he's in a bad position. (Not that I'm making excuses
for anything that's been done.) Note that the fungus in question is indeed
stachybotrys. The forwarded message:


From: <kivaconstruction@...> (Kimber & Elizabeth Janney)

The problems occurring with fungus at the house built by KRK Construction
for the City of Colorado Springs have made me very concerned about other
projects I have been involved in and projects coming up in the near future.
The last house I built with KRK Construction near Tarryall, CO was a Santa
Fe style with no overhangs and I would like to offer the owner some advice
on wall treatments to help prevent moisture infiltration. We also have a
good friend here who is just starting on a straw bale house which likewise
has no overhangs. When he consulted a local stucco contractor, they said
that they wouldn't apply stucco without tar paper underneath. When pressed
they said that they would do the job without paper underneath only if they
used an acrylic finish coat. They reasoned that, "Water soaks right through
Portland cement stucco," and it should not be used as a wall surface
without an additional moisture barrier.

I realize that the moisture problems on our previous projects were mostly
due to poor detailing at window openings and at other penetrations through
the stucco but the seriousness of the health hazards associated with the
fungal growth in the Colorado Springs house makes me want to take no
chances with other houses. I recall the information on Enviroloc and the
reservations expressed about its being a surface treatment so I am hesitant
to recommend it. We use El Rey Stucco for many of our plastering supplies;
they recommend their Crown Seal treatment which they say in an
"environmentally safe, water based, vapor permeable water repellent." Can
anyone give me any feedback on this product?

In the future I will not build strawbale houses without substantial roof
over hangs, but for these projects adding roof overhangs doesn't seem like
a reasonable option. We have applied non-permeable sealers to the tops of
parapets (stick framed) but it seems prudent to protect the rest of the
walls with a vapor permeable product.

Open to any ideas or suggestions.

Thanks, Kimber

Kimber & Elizabeth Janney
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Date: 21 Oct 1999 14:04:52 -0500
From: Habib John Gonzalez <habibg@...>
Subject: Baaad Fungus & Stucco Waterproofing

Greetings All:

With regards to Kimber's situation in Colorado, USA:

The stachybotrys fungus often leads to fatal respiratory disease in
infants and young children. There is a full report on the Cleveland
flood illnesses and ways to deal with fungus problems on the internet

One stucco and concrete waterproofing product used in this part of the
Canadian bushes is Xypec. It is a very fine textured lime/cement mixture
that is applied as a thick cream over stucco which has been sprayed with
water. The mix travels into the stucco and fills the exisiting gaps by

There is no toxicity data with the product; it looks like a very find
cement/lime dust. The manufacturer is Xypex Chemical Corporation, 12520
Vickers Way, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada V6V 1H9.

all the best,

- --
Sustainable Works
C-2 Gordon Road
Nelson, British Columbia,
Canada V1L 3E3
tel/fax: 250.3521.3731
"Better the kindness of imperfection than perfection without kindness"


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