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As Sarah kopp is not on the GSBN list I ask you to keep her informed on this
topic because she is very keen to do something she made a big effort to get
things moving for Turkey.

I also have a suggestion that it is of great importance to create an
information package aimed at informing NGO's of the possibilities that SB
has to offer. What I suggest is a video (Mongolia and The houses that Sing
are both excellent example projects) and a general information package.

This is the possible content:

1) Emergency shelter booklet (a la a SB primer from Steve)
2) Information about the network amount of houses built, rough ( generally
speaking the resource list but focussed to the NGO readership)
3) Supporting governmental publications, including codes.
4) A listing of previous NGO SB sponsorship.
5) A summary of what the SB network can contribute to an emergency project.
6) A cost breakdown of an example project (with hypothetical indicative
costs for for instance Mexico)

Would love to join in but I am afraid my new job precludes this.

Rene Dalmeijer

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Date: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 4:45 AM
Subject: GSBN: SB Shelter Brainstorm

Dear Friends,

I wish to invite those interested to brainstorm on designs for emergency
straw-bale shelter.

Dates: Friday through Monday, December 3-6, 1999
at the Black Range Lodge in Kingston, NM

This will not be a building effort, more like a charrette. We would like
to come away from the long weekend with a product -- several viable plans
for emergency straw-bale shelter.

This idea has been hatching for a while, I hope I didn't wait too long
to get this invitation out widely. Matts Myhrman and Judy Knox, Athena and
Bill Steen, Steve MacDonald, Alfred Von Bachmayr, Janice Vascott, have all
put it on their schedule, along with a few others. Actually this was Steve's
idea, so I will insert his words next:

S. O. MacDonald
P.O. Box 58
Gila, New Mexico 88038

Invitation to the

As most of you may already know, Catherine, I and several others in the
straw-bale community have been sharing thoughts on how we might proceed with
some of the ideas and energy generated during our recent and unsuccessful
attempt to get into Kosovo to introduce straw-bale construction technologies
for emergency shelters, retrofits and repairs in that war-torn place.
Speaking for myself, our failure to pull it off has left me sad and
frustrated yet, on another level relieved. I'm sad and frustrated because I
know such work had the makings of being very good work, however it played
out on the ground; I'm relieved because it I think it became clear that
Kosovo wasn't ready for us and in retrospect perhaps we weren't ready for
Kosovo (or Turkey, Juarez, or any of the many places around the globe that
could benefit from what we know and could offer).

How can we productively proceed then? An idea perking is to gather
together a dozen or so of you good folks at the Black Range Lodge in
Kingston NM the first week of December and with the help of a facilitator,
brainstorm our way toward the Light. Right now we're seeing this as a
visioning gathering to map out ways and means for taking appropriate
straw-bale technologies, including designs, to desperate places like a
Kosovo. Perhaps that will mean the creation of educational materials in the
form of booklets, videos, CD-ROMs, Websites, and the like that we make
available to appropriate relief agencies and organizations and perhaps even
for the do-it-yourself men and women on the street. Perhaps we would want to
follow the first brainstorming gathering up with a training session (with
educational video opportunities) where we invite appropriate development
folks and the like from around the world. These are some preliminary
thoughts anyway.

I think our getting together to figure things out would be very
worthwhile. How about you? One thing we would like to figure out in advance
of such a gathering is how to we might assist several of our European
colleagues so that they could join up with the rest of us. Anyone sitting on
some bucks out there?

Hope to see you all there.

Warm regards,

Stephen & Catherine

It will be Pete's & my pleasure to host this group, providing
accommodations and food. If you can pitch in with the cooking and cleanup,
that would be appreciated. Let me know if you have any special needs.

Please don't feel left out if you can't come -- in fact, there would be
WAY TOO MANY if everybody came that deserves to be invited. But if you have
a strong feeling that you must come, then do.

If you would like to be involved in the effort, let us know and we will
make sure you are kept in the loop. If you have ideas, please share them. I
will probably be lurking around with a video camera, intending to document
what ever can be useful for the future.

I also imagine that the discussion will include a proposal to bring an
organized, experienced SB teaching team to an area of need, and potentials
for grant funding. Depending on the size of the gathering, we will break up
into interest groups.

I also expect we will need to plan a follow-up meeting for February next
year, or so.

I'll be away, returning Nov. 8th, but feel free to contact Steve
MacDonald, or send me an email and I'll return it next week.

Best regards to all,

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