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Re: GSBN: Is it time?

I'm not quite sure what you are proposing to develop, Bill?  How would this association be different from those which already exist, including
GSBN, state associations (CASBA, SBAT, SBAN, et al), groups formed in other countries who work with and coordinate efforts through GSBN?

What would the members get for their $50-75 fee?  Who would head up the group? How exactly do you see this new group providing those things you
listed as things the association could affect through its collective clout -- the mortgage industry's acceptance, building officials/codes, the
insurance industry, research, public awareness.  To accomplish these things takes coordinated efforts and monetary support.

Seems to me that the existing groups and associations are struggling financially to keep going already -- for example, DCAT, TLS, and state
associations like SBAN where we have really good local contact and networking and can focus on concerns more directly.  Maybe we should bolster
development of and lend more support to existing organizations, associations, efforts instead of adding something new.

I don't disagree with involving homeowners along with the professionals, but the owners/builders and future owner/builders I work with would
probably not have $50-75/annual fee to contribute unless they had major benefits from the association.

Will be interested in hearing reactions and responses from others.

Joyce Coppinger
Re:Build Associates and
The Straw Bale Asssociaton of Nebraska


> Hi GSBN folks,
> There's something that's been mulling around in my mind lately, and I think
> the time might be right.
> We've collectively spent a lot of time building, changing building codes,
> teaching others, etc etc.  Now many SB homes have been built all over the
> world - over 50 right here in the Austin area, and I know other areas that
> have good numbers too.
> Is it time to form an International Straw Bale Homeowners Association?
> Collective clout can have effects on things like
>         The mortgage industry's acceptance
>         Building officials/codes
>         The insurance industry
>         Research
>         Public awareness
>         etc
> Potential advantages to the homeowner:
>         a communication vehicle regarding mortgages and insurance issues/rates
>         ...(help me out here.  it's late and the brain's getting tired)
> A modest fee ($50/year?) from even half the existing SB homeowners would
> probably amount to a pretty decent amount of money.  Of course you wouldn't
> have to be an owner at present to be a member - you could be a future
> homeowner.  We'd want to be able to list enough benefits for the homeowners
> to be motivated to kick in their hard earned bucks.
> Presently the domain name strawbalehomeowners.org is available.  It costs
> $70 to grab it.  We'll be happy to host it here, of course.  We'll need
> someone to be the official contact address/phone etc, to collect the dues,
> keep the records, etc.
> I think GSBN could act as the advisory board.
> Lots of other technical details to work out, but first, what does everyone
> here think of the idea?
> BC

Joyce Coppinger
Re:Build Associates and
The Straw Bale Association of Nebraska