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Re: GSBN: Is it time?

	Hey all. Sorry for the delayed response; I haven't had the chance to do
the mail properly for about a month. (I'm currently in Knoxville TN and
will be back in NM the 30th or 31st. Not much to speak of really on this
trip. There's more people and things that I didn't end up getting to see
and do than I did. Didn't get to go see Sara Mock, Dewey Lindstrom [he
didn't know I wanted to anyway], didn't stop at Taos Pueblo or the
Earthships, didn't get to Deanne and Caroline's thatched SB studio in
Michigan, blah blah. But we did of course go to the Corn Palace.)

At 11:18 AM 11/27/99 -0600, billc@...:
>... TLS will eventually move more in the direction of homeowners
>issues, as the numbers of completed homes grows.  But I'm suggesting 
>that we put a support structure in place now, so that we don't lose 
>the existing SB owners.

	Just as a peripheral note, having these types of articles - from
homeowners, with practical insights - is something TLS really needs. (I
guess we should tell people that, eh? Would you leaders like to spread that
call through your networks? Thanks.) Anyway, I think those sorts of
articles would have real value for other existing homeowners, but more
especially for people still getting ready to build. And so it stands to
reason that I agree that some kind of association, or branch/arm of an
existing organization, would be as (or more) desirable for wannabes than

>>What would the members get for their $50-75 fee?
>Hey, that was one of *my* questions!  It's an important one - 
>why do we join any organization?

	IMO, somebody needs to take the ball and run with it on this one (and
several others), whether it's making an all-new organization or creating a
branch of something that already exists. (I know how busy Bill and everyone
else on this list is, that's why I leave it up to Somebody... knowing full
well that Somebody must be even busier than all of us, because Somebody
never gets ANYthing done.) It would be a ton of work, probably thankless
and gratis, to get something built up enough where group discounts could be
offered for insurance, loans, etc, let alone something as small as
discounted TLS subscriptions, in addition to possibly offering tools and
materials for SB construction like needles, saws, probes, twine, tarps,
etc. (Let me state right here that none of the preceding are my ideas...
they're other folks' ideas, and all very good ones IMO.)

	Could the idea as Bill (nebulously) presented it "work"? I think so,
absolutely. As pointed out, it would probably be easier and possibly better
as a cooperative effort. Somewhat dishearteningly, it seems like I'm
running into people with increasing frequency who want to do something
(sometimes something more than they're already doing) to help SB, but
they're more afraid than motivated. Sometimes their ideas are very good
ones, but they don't want to alienate anybody who may or may not have
already had the same or a similar idea, or reinvent a wheel that may
already semi-exist. I honestly don't think that anybody is hoarding ideas,
wanting to have proprietary rights or anything like that. It's just that
everyone is busy, and communicating is hard to do in the middle of that

	I hope that I'm not betraying anybody's trust, but more than one person
with an excellent idea or two are on this list. Those of you who I've had
offlist conversations with, you know who you are. I encourage you once
again to post your ideas. I encourage ANYBODY on this list who has an idea
that may benefit the SB commons to post it. That's a big part of the reason
why this list exists. There's three or four ideas floating around out there
in people's heads that could be rolled into the idea of a homeowner's
association to excellent effect. What's that Ghandi quote? Something like,
"It's not the action, but the fruit of the action, that's important. You
may not see the fruit in your lifetime..."

	Me, I don't care who does it or how they accomplish it. Because TLS exists
doesn't mean there shouldn't be a CASBA or SBAT or WBBA(WISE) newsletter.
How many of you have seen the SBAN newsletter lately? That thing has the
potential to outclass TLS; it's had some truly excellent content, and has
been expanding and improving. Kudos to Joyce Coppinger. Is the SBAN
newletter the TLS of the future? Could be.

	Would it be better if there was only TLS and no other newsletters? Would
it be better if there was only GSBN and no other organizations? Would it be
better if there was only TSBH book and not BIWB? I honestly don't think so.
Cooperation is a principle part of what makes SB important - but I don't
believe that it precludes "competition" (for want of a better word). If one
of the regional organizations takes the leap to go national (I've heard
rumblings of the idea), what happens to the other organizations? Could one
or more of the other organizations have taken that leap first, or even at
the same time? Does that create competition, or new avenues of cooperation?
It all depends. Me, I think that ideas need not only to be pursued
intellectually, but physically. As with any undertaking, the road to
completion will have many decisions along the way, many forks splitting off
and joining with. But if the idea just sits there in the road, it's gonna
get passed by at some point, and just as likely getv run over in the process.

	I made Surfin' StrawBale a couple (three? four? five?) years ago because
nobody had done it. There wasn't a complete list of SB internet links
anywhere. So I made one. After I did it, I got emails from people saying
that they had almost all, or all, and sometimes even more, sites bookmarked
and had intended to make a website. But they hadn't DONE it.

	What I'm saying is if one of the existing organizations wants to do this,
that's fine with me. If somebody wants to strike out on their own, that's
also fine. But I think Somebody should do it, and I hope that however it
happens, we'll all support it. If I wanted to do it through the auspices of
TLS (I don't) but didn't have the time or resources (that's why), I would
hope that I'd appreciate if somebody else enacted the idea successfully
through another organization or as a startup.

	Lead, follow, or get out of the way. (Is that an un-SB-like sentiment, or
a totally-SB-like sentiment?)