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Re: Hello, Catherine

At 05:40 PM 1/4/00 EST, you wrote:
>It's Caryle with The Solar Show.  Hope your Holidays went well.  I am
>to update you on the show.  We are looking for one home to cover all our 
>alternative needs, if possible.  We would like to find a home that is 
>strawbale or earthship.
>Generates it's own power, sun, water, wind.  Utilizes composting sewage 
>system or comparable. And is heated and cooled by alternative system (NO 
>HVAC)  It also needs to look good interior/exterior.  Quite a request, I 
>know.  But it is what the new Executive Producer is calling for.
>Also, is there any kind of list of alternative energy builder/designers 
>nationally, that I could get a hold of.  And I'm sure there is an energy 
>association per state.  Would I find a national headquarters for a solar 
>energy commission of the a search engine?
>Caryle is full of lots of questions.  Hope you can direct me.  Thanks
>Caryle with "The Solar Show."

Hi Caryle,

I will be thinking about your request, meanwhile, I will forward this email
to the GSBN (Global Straw Building Network) list, to tap into the
eco-building network that exists.

I'm off on a shoot myself to Mexico tomorrow, but will return about Jan 16.
 Please feel free to contact me then with more questions.

Best Regards,
Catherine Wanek

Black Range Films
Star Rt. 2, Box 119
Kingston, NM 88042