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GSBN: Greek SB House

Here's an opportunity to learn who to build with natural materials,
straw, earth and lime plasters.  Volunteer to help and learn from
experienced builders.

Chris Stafford

April 19 through May 17 on Island of Rhodes, Greece

Gain natural material building experience using straw bales and earthen
and lime plasters. The residential project is 5 connected 30 sm modules,
of which all the foundations and two modules were completed in 1999.
The three final modules will be constructed and plastered beginning
April 19 and finishing May 17, 2000.  The structure and design is
similar to traditional Greek residential buildings, except in these
structures seismically reinforced straw bale walls replace the
traditional stone walls.

Volunteer to work with experienced natural material builders and learn
about building with load bearing straw bale walls, light clay straw
plasters, earthen and lime plasters and lime putty weather protecting
plasters. Straw bale walls construction will begin on April 19 and be
finished by the end of the week. Next the roof will be constructed using
a minimum amount of lumber and covered with a cane (similar to bamboo)
and earthen plaster.  After the roof is partially completed and the
straw bale walls have settled, the exterior and interior walls will be
coated with earthen plasters. Earthen floors are to be placed in the two
modules built last summer.

The project is located on the western coast of Rhodes, 7 km from the
small village of Apolakkia. Camping is available on site, with three
meals a day provided to volunteers. Volunteers may also find rooms in
Hotel Amalia, Apolakkia, Rhodes, (0244) 61365.

Contact Gene Leone, gleone@...,  for additional information or
to register as a volunteer.