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GSBN: Building with Sprit (NBC-East 2000)



    Peace and Blessing in the new  year.  Below is an announcement regarding 
"Building with Sprit" (NBC -East 2000) we hope you will consider joining us.  
More details to follow.   Please let us know of your interest so we can gauge 
the size and scope of the event. Thanks, look forward to seeing you all again.

Best wishes,

"Building with Sprit"

June 3-10, 2000 -- PeaceWeaver Retreat Center - Bath, New York

    Join us for a week long exploration of natural building techniques 
including: straw-bale, cob, cordwood, light-clay, bamboo as well as workshops 
on energy efficiency, alternative energy production and appropriate 
technologies.  Learning sessions focusing on housing issues: human rights, 
diversity, affordability, sustainability and rebuilding after war and 
environmental disaster. All this and more to take place at the beautiful and 
inspiring 265 acre PeaceWeaver Retreat Center.   Meditation, yoga, talking 
stick circles, sweat lodges, hiking, swimming, body work and natural foods 
will be offered.

Hosted by the PeaceWeavers, Green logic Design and the Natural Building 
Colloquium - East 2000.

    For registration information call The PeaceWeaver Center 607- 776- 4060  
or email pw@...

    For program information call Darren Port at Green Logic Design/NBC-East 
212-769-6387 or email ketsie@.... 

    Presenters and project leaders are now being sought, if you would like to 
present a workshop or  lead a building project please call Darren at 
212-769-6387 ketsie@...ketsie2000@...

Other Y2K Natural Building Colloquiums (NBC), events and gatherings include:

NBC-West, April 28 - May3, Camp Latgawa, Ashland OR.
For more info call 541-826-9699

Build Here Now, June 25-July2, Lama Foundation, Taos, NM.
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NBC-South West, Nov 2000, Black Range Lodge, Kingston, NM
For more info call 505-895-5652

2nd Nebraska Straw-bale Conference, Sept 29-30, 4H Camp, Halsey, Nebraska
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